Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wrapping up for 2010

Gosh. My last blog was in early Nov. And worse still, it was a copy and paste material, not pure TCM works.... The REAL last blog dated 13Sept. Imagine that...

What have I done these many many months? Hmmm... Since Malaysia Day, I've been restarting my baking engine, which target was to bake Clement's birthday cake. Those few weekends in Sept through Nov was pretty busy as once Clement sleep around 8+ or 9pm, my baking task will resume. YS called it midnight baking. Tried several items like carrot cake, steamed pumpkin cake (supposed to be pumpkin cake but oven was on Emergency Medical Leave for 1 week), custard cream puff, almond mango cake, banana bread, and finally New York Cheese Cake and banana muffin for Clement's birthday. After that I got a little slack since I have to deplete all the cakes since my in-laws are not cake lovers, and the cakes may not meet their expectation. Too much carbo-loading. Let's take a short break for now till I'm motivated to restart the baking engine again, maybe sometime next year.

This is one of the giant cream puff I baked. This was room delivered to YS who was babysitting upstairs in the midnight, fresh from the oven. It tasted so good that night, but in the morning it's not as good as this, when it was hot and fresh.

During the baking season, there were always few hundred of minutes where you stay idle doing nothing in the midnight waiting for the oven to "ting". One of those days I was introduced to PPStream. And my short term hobby started. Hahah... Covered 2 famous Taiwanese movies: 幸福下一站 and 命中注定我爱你. These 2 dramas I really like them. You may watch if you have free time. Anyway, as I don't wish to turn into a potato who quit doing anything but staying in front of the laptop every night, I stopped downloading movies and went back to my normal cow routine.

Talking about cow routine, am pretty relieved that I am able to fully breastfeed Clement till he turns one. Wanted to quit when he turns one to resume to normal human lifestyle without counting the hours daily, choosing selected 'suitable' oversized blouse to wear, carrying 2 backpack to office and business trips during weekdays, popping in multivitamins and calcium pills everyday..... But felt it's a waste since my breastfeeding process is so smooth and supply is still sufficient. In fact, turning back to 6 months ago, I was so worried my new job will affect my milk supply. But HE has provided, and more than enough for Clement. And my routines, HE has taken care, all of them. I always tell Yong Sheng that things always changed to be favouable to me, which I really thanks God HE continue to test and build my faith. Well, after all 1-2 years of cow years for now, is still very short compared to number of years I've lived. Besides, till today I still enjoy the bonding time we have during nursing, really. It is a rewarding journey and sacrifice.

This year is a precious year, some may not understand. Haha... If you guessed it correctly, BINGO!! Yeah, this is the final birthday which my age starts with a number 2. It's as if I have not celebrated my birthday for long long time. 2008 I was in Shanghai alone during my birthday, last year was just after my confinement and all focus was on baby Clement. This year am glad we went back to Malacca, had a birthday cake with candles on to blow :) Really felt very warm and no regret travelling back there despite the tiring journey.

Updates on Clement? He has now 8 teeth, 4 upper and 4 lower. Able to walk on his own just before his birthday. Now he likes to walk without people supporting him. We don't really mind him 'running' around on carperted floor but when on cemented ground, our heart pumps faster. He can do relevant actions when you ask him, "Where is your ear?", "high-5", "bye bye", "friend kiss", "one-two-tali-zom", and lately I teach him "gong-xi gong-xi" which will be pretty useful in 1 month+ time.

Does Clement looks like older than his age in this picture? haha... It's just illusion coz I strap him with adult seat belt on normal seat.

We are trying to instill in him the habit of brushing teeth in the morning and night before bed. These was his 1-year old official present from daddy and mummy. Cheap but practical leh? :p

My sister flew in all the way from Singapore for his first birthday and bought him this lego set for bath time. He really likes this and insist of playing it everytime he have his bath. Good buy!

How bout YS? He has been a fabulous dad. In this 6 months, I've been to Spore twice, 1 week each, and KL or Seremban (3 days 2 nights) trips almost every month or every other month. Daddy has been coping well and really proud of him. Good job!! Previously pacifier was daddy's "saviour" to put Clement to sleep but recent months he could just pat and sing Clement to dreamland. Really thank God for loving and caring husband.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pencil & eraser story

It's inspiring. A story which reminds me of my parents love, and also the commitment I have for my loved ones. Enjoy!

Pencil: I'm sorry....
Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong.
Pencil: I'm sorry cos you get hurt bcos of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.
Eraser: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad. :)

I found this conversation between the pencil and the eraser very inspirational. Parents are like the eraser whereas their children are the pencil. They're always there for their children, cleaning up their mistakes. Sometimes along the way... they get hurt, and become smaller (older, and eventually pass on). Though their children will eventually find someone new (spouse), but parents are still happy with what they do for their children, and will always hate seeing their precious ones worrying, or sad.

This is for all parents out there.....
Hang in there!

Monday, September 13, 2010

10 months old

Clement is now 10 months old. Phew. He looks like a big boy now, though he is not yet one year old. But everytime he stands beside Shanna, Caris or Gabriel, he looks so tiny. Yeah, he's still a young baby :) So daddy and mummy needs to be MORE patience. Have to always reminds ourselves that we should not scold or beat to "discipline" a child below 1 year old as he does not understand yet. Haha.

Clement still have 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 lower. Lately he likes to bite everything he finds interesting, esp the buttons on your shirt. Must be very cautious. Did I mention that we find his teeth marks on the headboard of our bed? Once I found a 'crack' on the plastic teething railing on his baby cot. Hope it's a cosmetic defect from the factory and not resulted from the 4 teeth :p

Clement had his first visit to Youth park on Merdeka Day. We let him tried the slides, monkey bars, see-saw, and the swing. He was pretty tired by that time, so not so smiley face.

Lately we found him quite adorable when being seated on the supermarket trolley. He really hold tight to the bars to make sure he won't fall out of it. So cute!!

Nowadays Clement can crawl pretty fast. Too bad lately no baby crawling contest, else Clement can enter as "experienced" participant and maybe help daddy and mummy 'break-even' for the competition 'fees' paid earlier. Besides crawling very fast, walking by holding on to items he can reach, standing hands-free for few seconds before sitting on his buttock, late he learnt to climb. Yes, hold on the the passenger car seat at the back, and use his little legs climb up the seat like spiderman or lizard. Daddy caught him doing the samething twice today, but in the playpen. The little boy is strategizing how to escape from that little jail. Sweat.

Mum and dad bought Clement a Baby Mickey mouse on Hari Raya. Mummy measured and found that Baby Mickey's palm and foot size is same as Clement. Height wise Clement is slightly taller, and thank God Clement has smaller head :p

From some minor test, Clement proves that he can recognise Mickey, penguin, bear bear and other "friend-friend" he has. He confused "daddy" and "teddy" sometimes when you ask him where is "daddy" and he was busy looking for "teddy" in the baby cot.

Yesterday was daddy's 3x's birthday. Clement gave daddy and morning kiss early in the morning, which melt daddy's heart a lot a lot since Clement usually only kiss mummy :p at night before Clement sleep, he gave daddy another surprise (which surprised mummy too). Guess what? 2 pieces of 'home-made chocolate cake' from Clement!! It's a very meaningful gift since it was Clement's 2nd no-poo-day. So now reset back to 0 no-poo-day and everyone is so relieved.

All the best, my dear sis

It's 10.30pm on 13Sept. I was supposed to be in KLIA, bidding my little sis farewell but due to some reasons, I'm trapped in Penang. Sent her a blessing sms, and managed to call her before she checked-in. She told me she cried the most among her friends. Well, it's a growing process you need to go through. To leave your family, study somewhere locally (like me and Hoon), or abroad (like Yen, Wen and herself). But she is going to the furthest geographical location than any of us. After hanging up the phone, i also cry. Will miss you a lot, my dear sis.

Among all my siblings, I spent the least time with this youngest sis, due to the age gap. And also because when she;s still in primary school, I'm already in uni in Johor and after that 'partially settled' in Penang since it's so far from home and I only go back once a month while I was still single. Don't mention after married or having a child. I never have 'complete' CNY reunion dinner after married to Penang since the day I can go home is the day other siblings need to go back to their 'states' or 'country'. The earliest 'complete' CNY reunion dinner we'll have will be 3 years later when little sis comes back for her final year.

Dear sis, may the Lord continue to show you His plan for your life, as you continue to seek Him, find Him and follow Him through the years to come. As He has blessed each and everyone of us in His unique way, He will bless you too. Continue to serve Him with the talent He granted you, and also the love and patience you have for others, esp the elderly and the children. May His will be fulfilled in your life, as He grant the desire of your heart. Love you sis. All of us are proud of you. Enjoy this stage of life, as you grow to be more independent, and learn to know who and what to trust.

God bless you and keep in touch.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

~~ THE SEED ~~

Got this forwarded email from a friend. Nice one. Sometimes life is just so weird, but you got to stand firm on your principals and God's value.

A successful business man was growing old and knew it was time to choose a successor to take over the business.

Instead of choosing one of his Directors or his children, he decided to do something different.

He called all the young executives in his company together.

He said, "It is time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. I have decided to choose one of you. The young executives were shocked, but the boss continued. "I am going to give each one of you a SEED today - one very special SEED.  I want you to plant the seed, water it, and come back here one year from today with what you have grown from the seed I have given you. I will then judge the plants that you bring, and the one I choose will be the next CEO."

One man, named Jim, was there that day and he like the others, received a seed.

He went home and excitedly, told his wife the story. She helped him get a pot, soil and compost and he planted the seed.

Everyday, he would water it and watch to see if it had grown. After about three weeks, some of the other executives began to talk about their seeds and the plants that were beginning to grow.

Jim kept checking his seed, but nothing ever grew. Three weeks, four weeks, five weeks went by, still nothing.

By now, others were talking about their plants, but Jim didn't have a plant and he felt like a failure.

Six months went by -- still nothing in Jim's pot. He just knew he had killed his seed. Everyone else had trees and tall plants, but he had nothing. Jim didn't say anything to his colleagues, however. He just kept watering and fertilizing the soil -He so wanted the seed to grow.

A year finally went by and all the young executives of the company brought their plants to the CEO for inspection. Jim told his wife that he wasn't going to take an empty pot. But she asked him to be honest about what happened. Jim felt sick to his stomach, it was going to be the most embarrassing moment of his life, but he knew his wife was right.

He took his empty pot to the board room. When Jim arrived, he was amazed at the variety of plants grown by the other executives. They were beautiful -- in all shapes and sizes.
Jim put his empty pot on the floor and many of his colleagues laughed, a few felt sorry for him!

When the CEO arrived, he surveyed the room and greeted his young executives.

Jim just tried to hide in the back. "My, what great plants, trees, and flowers you have grown," said the CEO. "Today one of you will be appointed the next CEO!"

All of a sudden, the CEO spotted Jim at the back of the room with his empty pot. He ordered the Financial Director to bring him to the front. Jim was terrified. He thought, "The CEO knows I'm a failure! Maybe he will have me fired!"

When Jim got to the front, the CEO asked him what had happened to his seed - Jim told him the story.

The CEO asked everyone to sit down except Jim. He looked at Jim, and then announced to the young executives, "Behold your next Chief Executive Officer!  His name is Jim!"

Jim couldn't believe it. Jim couldn't even grow his seed.

"How could he be the new CEO?" the others said.

Then the CEO said, "One year ago today, I gave everyone in this room a seed. I told you to take the seed, plant it, water it, and bring it back to me today. But I gave you all boiled seeds; they were dead - it was not possible for them to grow. All of you, except Jim, have brought me trees and plants and flowers. When you found that the seed would not grow, you substituted another seed for the one I gave you. Jim was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one who will be the New Chief Executive Officer!"

         * If you plant honesty, you will reap trust

         * If you plant goodness, you will reap friends

         * If you plant humility, you will reap greatness

          * If you plant perseverance, you will reap contentment

          * If you plant consideration, you will reap perspective

          * If you plant hard work, you will reap success

          * If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation

          * If you plant faith in God, you will reap a harvest

So, be careful what you plant now; it will determine what you will reap later..

"Whatever You Give To Life, Life Will Give Back To You"

Monday, July 26, 2010

God's favour

I just finished reading the book of Esther several weeks back, a book I really like. A book which encourages me most when you are surrounded by not so friendly people or circumstances. This morning devotion is on this book again. Would like to share with you all. God's favour, that's one of the best gift I really thank God for. Let's strive to be man/woman after God's own heart each day we live.

Finding Favor with the King - Never Underestimate the Power of Favor

The enemies of God and of the people of His purpose should never forget—it is dangerous to attack those who have favor with the King. Haman was about to experience the unmatched pain of God's justice: a complete reversal of fortunes in the time it takes for the king to utter one fateful command.
Finding Favor with the King, p. 169

Scripture Reading
Esther 6:4-9: God turns the tables on Haman's schemes after the sleepless King Xerxes is compelled to “check the records” and discovers Moredecai's unrewarded deed.

Favor often seems to work unseen, behind the scenes and silently in the realm of the human heart, thought processes, and emotions. Neither Esther nor Mordecai realized that God's favor was at work on “that night.” In fact, everything appeared to be going Haman's way!

“Perhaps, unknown to you, a divine reversal has begun in the court of heaven. Take this lesson from Esther: Never underestimate the power of favor ” (p. 169).

If we are honest with one another, most of us will admit that we are continually surprised by God's faithfulness and favor in our lives. Perhaps that is because we habitually underestimate the power of favor, and of God's willingness to grant heavenly favor to people on earth.

In Esther's day and for centuries afterward, a king's favor was the most powerful earthly force available. A king's favor could actually cover and pardon a convicted criminal from all criminal charges and punishments. It could countermand the rulings of the highest court, and set aside the most ancient of laws.

The king's favor simultaneously deals a death blow to the evil designs of enemies while distributing blessings and abundant provision to “those the king wishes to honor.”

Are you facing an impossible situation right now? Do you feel unjust persecution and false accusation have positioned you for misunderstanding, separation, or outright persecution?

“Most of us will encounter difficult days or overwhelming crises when we need a ‘that night.' Not just any day will do; we need a ‘that night' or a ‘that day' to set in motion the intervening favor of a King who never forgets ” (p. 169).

Our heavenly King really doesn't forget the good things we've done, and He actually says so in His Word: “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.”

Will you set your eyes and your faith upon Him? Believe God, and never underestimate the power of favor!

Prayer: Father, You know what I face each day. You also know about my failures and fears—even though I sometimes try to hide them. Many times in the past, I actually underestimated the power of Your favor in my life and I feel missed out because of it. But today is a new day, with new hope and new faith.
I thank You that divine favor is at work on my behalf at this very moment, moving and shifting resources, obstacles, and even the hearts of people. Thank You.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A week of Mum and Baby Bonding (part 1)

Daddy is finally on biz trip (1st time since we got married in 2008). 1 week trip might not sound long during our single days, but now with baby around, I guess daddy starts to miss us the moment he step into Penang International Airport.

Mummy thus keeps a week journal recording all big and small events happened when daddy is away. This is just half of the journal, just in case mummy fail her memory test again...

Day 1 10Jul10
- daddy took a super early flight at 6+am and left when Clement was still sleeping. When Clement wakes up, only mummy is seen but I think he's ok since mummy is his main source of food. Mummy kept telling Clement that daddy is away and will be back after a week. Actually mummy already missed daddy... Since MIL left for her Spore trip yesterday and FIL is out working, left mummy, Clement and maid at home. Clement is pretty cooperative today, poo poo before lunch and willing to open mouth mam mam during lunch. Mummy introduced potato for the first time and Clement seems to like it. Look at Clement waiting patiently in his baby cot... Mummy think this photo can convience daddy that Clement is really waiting for his return this saturday.

Clement's favourite past time in the baby cot is too stand up holding on to the side rail and try to pull his mobile friend. Mummy thought that baby cot is a safe place to play since Clement can sit there for minutes playing with his penguin, books and other toys, and sometimes holding on the the rails doing some stretching and leg exercise, until this happened....

Let's see the innocent face....

Day 2
- mummy introduced breakfast time with Clement. Haha... actually is because mummy is short handed but still cannot skip breakfast. Thus by putting Clement in high chair next to the dining table mummy can enjoy her milk and bread and cheese while Clement gets some tiny bites of the whole meal bread and water. Mummy was so happy that so far the home alone experience is pretty good. Unfortunately in the afternoon while Clement was having nap and mummy rushed down to store EBM, mummy heard Clement crying while she's rushing upstairs. Oh no... Mummy saw Cement in sitting position in the floor next to the bed. Clement fell down from the bed for the second time in his life... Mummy felt so bad. We apply ice on his head hoping no blueblack or swollen...

Day 3
- today is a super careful day. everything mummy also play safe, esp when Clement is sleeping. Thanks God Clement's head bump disappeared. When I was so glad today is not an eventful day as yesterday, in the evening I was so shocked to see a visiting awaiting in my room. A BLACK AND GRAY CAT!!! argh... the cat bang through our magnetic mosquito net and entered our 3rd floor room. Worse still, he was panicked and could not get out the same way since the net dropped and covered the "path". I screamed and ran downstairs. Argh.... That was the worst night I ever have, cant really sleep since am worried there is more than one cat entered my room, and if is stil in my room!!

Day 4
- first day manage Clement alone without daddy in the morning. It was pretty efficient and was glad everything was done as per planned. first time drive to work on my own since i join this company. first time using the seasonal pass since I apply it. 1st time customer visit too today.... wow... Is it an eventful day today? I thought I escaped until the car key slipped from my palm and dropped into the drain while trying to open the gate lock when i arrived home. Yes, still an eventful day.

Day 5
- this morning i guess i can see 2 top front teeth popping out. Haha... happy 8th month, Clement :) Hope you'll stop doing this,

But more of this in coming days ya, since those are not for your teeth but your eyes and hands and brains....

Was raining heavily in the morning and went it turned to drizzling, I quickly left home to avoid being late. Still an eventful day - car key rosak cos kena air longkang the day before... and I couldnt start the car thanks to Honda's safety feature. Called international call to daddy asking for help. Most expensive helpline I ever called. However, I was cheered up by my little darling sleeping pattern tonight. Like daddy like son. He had a very quiet baby snore when he first fall asleep. haha... so cute!!

3 more days left and daddy is coming home!!! yeah!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clearing the mushrooms

It's been sometime since I last visited this blog... Ehm, sorry, I mean, manage this blog.... It's time to clean up the cendawan, wild grass and fungus here, and to bring some updates through these few MONTHS!!

Daddy's first tears: Clement felt down from the bed when he was 5months+ old. It happended in the midnight around 12.30am when daddy and mummy were sleeping soundly. BANG!!! "Oh, Clement leh?" followed by daddy picking up Clement from the wooden floor and Clement crying in high pitch. While mummy took over Clement to pacify him, mummy see daddy's first tears and cracking voice asking how could that happen since we still could not figure out how he felt down the bed till today. From that day onwards, there is a noisy rattles near the edge of the bed, nearby to where Clement sleeps. We even did some minor reorganising of the bed and baby cot to reduce the chance of history happen again. Mummy remembered the "bad memory" red and white t- shirt Clement wore that night and did not let him wear that again so that won't remind her of the sad event.

Starting solid: Clement started on solid on 14 May, the day he turns 6 months nett. We had him started with Neslac (green packaging) + breast milk only as his first solid. He had that for a week and we were so glad he is so ready to mam mam. So week after week we add in pear, apple, carrot, apricot, spinach, pumpkin etc into his food vocabulary. Due to his teething milestone, there were times he refused to eat and just close his mouth tight. You can really see the determination he has there. However, I really salute the creativity my MIL has which can trick him to open his mouth so that she can feed him food. Lately we pinch some whole meal bread and let him taste. Haha he's so happy :) Oh ya, he has his first two bottom front teeth on his 6th month 4th week. And the two upper front teeth gonna say HELLO WORLD anytime soon...

Being more mobile: Old people says, 7th month can sit, 8th month can crawl, 9th month grow teeth. But nowadays the milestones are achieved at earlier age, based on some data collected from friends around. Clement is able to sit around 5-6th months. And 6-7th months he can crawl caterpillar style. Lately his crawling is more profesional and steady, even on hard floors. 7th months onwards he has been trying to pull to stand. He likes to do it with his baby cot bars. His latest hobby is to stand on our bed, holding on to his baby cot bars, trying to catch his mobile's butterfly, snail, frog or bee. Haha... During his 7th month 2nd week, he started to transit around holding on to our bed headboard and his baby cot handles. Occasionally he will let go his hand and try to reach you if you are sitting nearby. Yo, dangerous lo... He enjoy most while holding both your hands walking towards you. On 20 June Clement participated in Sunshine Farlim's Baby Crawling Competition. It was a good experince for Clement and daddy and mummy were able to witness the steady, confidence, determined youngest baby in action. Hahha... probably he didn't even know he's in a competition and might not understand the discouraging words some aunty spoke while he was on his ABC mats. Life should be like that, I learnt. Aim for the goal, complete the race, keep the faith. There's one more coming up in Sunshine Square on 17 Jul. Not sure if Clement can go since daddy won't be around on that day. Haha... Babies 6-14months out there, go while you are still eligible. Just for the fun and memory :)

Updates on mummy: Mummy made a big change recently. A leap of faith. haha.... Mummy change job. Is now officially an Avagone and renamed 3Mer. It was a great 7 years journey in my official first company, a place where I grew from a fresh grad, to YS girlfriend, to YS wife, and then Clement's mummy. VinM says that so far he has not met someone who fulfill so many milestones in the first company. A place I've met a lot nice friends and colleagues too. It's not a bad place to work, just some new challenges and ventures I'm looking for. Moving on in the new company, so far still ok. It's a new beginning with new faces, new culture, new working style. I'm glad I'm still committed in pumping sessions and brave enough to make known the needs. And I really thank God for His favour and understanding colleagues so far. Guess what, 7 Jul is a public holiday in new company. So nice....

Signing off for now. Will post some photos next round. Hopefully soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids eat for free

A friend of mine told me that we can actually benefit from Kids Eat For Free program. One paying adult and one free kids meal.

"Huh, why? Can my baby eat?"

"Err, you are your baby's 'main course' right? You eat on his behalf. He'll claim from you later.... "

I haven't really benefit from this program so far. Haha... does it sound embarassing? Have you tried it my dear Malaysians with babies?

My latest "teddy bear" and "koala bear"

I've always like to hug soft toys, esp the big ones. But since they are so pricey, prone to collect dust and space consuming, I settled with bolsters. haha.... (maybe just some sour grapes excuse for not having one)

Lately our little Clement reminds me of koala bears. Though I never hold one before, but I like the feeling of him clinging onto you, holding on your shoulders and sometimes wanna climb up your body when you are carrying him. The warmth when he hugs you, is so nice and close to your heart.

Last few nights when he cried in the midnight, I found a way to hug him close to my heart while patting him to sleep. very bahagia feeling :) so much better than hugging a bolster :p Not sure how long he'll stay in this huggable size and feel. Ah, I gonna miss it when he grows up. Better treasure each moment I have now.

Last weekend after our lunch at a super expensive Japanese restaurant (we got conned by the banner since we did not notice that you are entitled to the 15% discount ONLY IF you spend RM300 and above), I suggested to have Clement posing next to some soft toys on display at the restaurant. Well, since this restaurant is so nicely decorated and I don't think I'll step in there again... ahha. I was carrying Clement and YS supposed to take our photos. But somehow he was not attracted to daddy and refused to look at the handphone camera. So after that I decided to switch with him since I'm the one always taking Clement's photos using handphone camera. Ta-dah........ Easy job. 3 clicks and done.

YS felt funny why I insisted to take those photos since the teddy, doggie and doraemon are not really special. Well, at first I wanted to take the photo of Doraemon with Clement only since this stage he still has the Doraemon look (teethless and cutie tongue when laughing). But I also noticed that at this stage Clement is so small size compared to the big teddy, and he's almost same size as the small doggie. He won't be this size in few weeks or months time. ahha. In case this restaurant still exists when he grows up, probably he'll appreciate his growth rate especially through these first few weeks and months :p

"You know, last time i can sit on THIS teddy's lap..."

"You know, last time I was as big as THIS teddy and doraemon.... you see...."

I can imagine his cheeky face... :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster in Sesame Street has never been my favourites. I used to like Ernie but now I find Elmo more adorable :) haha... Maybe because I like red...

Clement started mouthing since he was 3+months. He started by discovering the back of his hand, then the fists, then the fingers and recently the thumbs. I like his expression of putting his whole fist into his mouth, so cute... but I usually tell him, "Clement, your mouth not so big la... cannot fit in one..." And that really reminds me of cookie monster.

Cookie Monster is a voracious monster and one of the main characters on Sesame Street. Covered with blue fur and possessing a pair of googly eyes, Cookie Monster has an insatiable appetite. As his name implies, his primary craving is cookies, but he can (and often does) consume anything and everything, from apples and pie to letters, flatware, and hubcaps. Usually when he eats something, he makes loud munching noises, usually like "AWWWWM-num-num-num-num..." (

Am wondering if one day I find cookie monster pajamas, will I buy for him? wahahah....

Happy 5 months old, Clement

Today Clement is officially 5 months old. Clement was so blur when daddy and mummy kept telling Clement that he is now 5 months old, so fast hor he has been with us for almost half a year, last time when born he was so tiny and now he so big boy de, bla bla bla.... haha. Next month must be more excited since he can start eating soled by then :) Mummy weight him this morning and he's slightly above 8kg. Good growth though we are still maintaining his milk to 5oz every 3-4 hourly.

Daddy and mummy felt very blessed that God has granted them baby Clement. We prayed for a healthy, happy baby who bring joy to people around him, and to be man after God's own heart someday. We thank God for answering our prayers and Clement has started smiling and baby talking everyday since he was 1 month old, and brought much happiness to our family members, even strangers.

Baby Clement is able to sit more firmly now, and likes to move his legs. Haha, guess he really wants to crawl. Everytime we put him on the bed, he'll turn to tummy position and start lifting up his little butt and moving his legs forward. Daddy and mummy cheer him every morning and he's showing little progress now - at least not giving up so soon :p You can see him smiling with mouth open wide (like doraemon) when we hold him to walk on our bed, or even harder surfaces like table. He likes to feel mobile :) hehe... daddy and mummy better treasure this period when Clement is still not so mobile. Later on when Clement can crawl and climb, we'll be on FOC intensive slimming program. In fact, now that he can only turn one side (180degrees), we should be glad that one pillow at each side of the bed is sufficient. Later on might have to fill the whole room with pillows :p

So far besides 2 caps and 2 sweaters for the recent Cameron Highland trip, daddy and mummy only bought 2 more pajamas for Clement. One is with Doraemon since sis-in-law says he looks like Doraemon when he laughs with mouth open wide, teethless and can see his little tongue :p

Another one was bought in conjunction with this lunar tiger year (no la.... ). Mummy always like to describe baby boys suck milk like "harimau" since almost all her friends with baby boys (and some with girls) report the same observation. They say baby girls are more gentle, and boys are more aggressive while latched on. Daddy and mummy spotted this pajamas at Jusco over the weekend and bought one for Clement. We bought 12-18months one this time since we bought 6-12months Doraemon pajamas for him last 3 weeks, and it is just fitting for him now.

快意享受B级人生,走出 A+成就迷思

Something that I've been thinking also lately. What you really want in life? An example, I told YS that the child is growing so quickly that you actually only have few years to spend quality time with him, growing up with him. Especially now that he spends most of his time sleeping when we are back from work. Time when he's wide awake and ready to play and learn, we are busy making money at workplace.... After school days, college days and working days, you won't be able to have him by your side all the time as now. Thus there first 6 years are actually so precious...

快意享受B级人生,走出 A+成就迷思

你想要过A级人生,事业有成薪水顶尖,却牺牲掉其它全部人生,还是想过 B 级人生,宁可降格赚次级收入,却能享受精采人生?

若是成绩单上出现B ,大部分人联想到的,绝对不是「 Better 」,而是「Bad」。

B 这个字母,长期以来被认为是「次等」的表现,每个人都奋力想达到A,甚至A+ ,彷佛若不能达到 A的成绩,就是不够努力与称职。


最近「 B级人生」的话题,在日本引起不少讨论。
起因于经济专家森永卓郎,把人生分成三级: A 级人生是「有钱没闲」; B级人生的「钱少一点,但是有闲」,可算是「有钱有闲」。
至于 C级人生则是经济困窘,可能是「有闲没钱」(如失业者 ),也可能「没钱没闲」 ( 如底层劳动者)。

若每天工作10 几小时,牺牲家庭与休闲,不惜一切代价追求 A级人生,即使赚到A级财富,没时间享受也是枉费。

因此,森永卓郎特别强调「B is Beautiful」,认为「B is Better Than A 」。


作家刘黎儿指出,日本经过长年经济不景气,原本「 1亿国民都是中产阶级」的社会,已经不再回头,
转成「 1%超级精英+99 %平庸上班族」的结构,除了极少数A+超级精英之外, 99%工作者的薪水都在递减,再怎么努力也是枉然。


比起将人生全部送给公司的 A +超级精英,谁的人生比较划算,答案不言可喻。


有人用古玛雅文化的活人献祭,来形容追求 A级人生的工作者。
超级精英不惜一切赢得 A 级人生,就好象在玛雅球赛最后赢得胜利的人,所换到的不过是过劳死。

根据统计,日本每年死于心脏病的 21万人,至少有 20%是肇因于过劳,其中多半是中壮年上班族。
追求 A级人生本身没错,只是若只把人生当成是一场竞技,就算赢得了胜利,却输掉了身体、输掉家庭、也输掉人生,这样划算吗?




她以研究所成绩为例,一般研究生表现普普大约有85分,稍微认真一点有86 分,一定要表现很亮眼才能拿到 90分。
她自己每天不眠不休,念完所有原文papers才得到 89 分,但其实只要稍微多花点心力念书,已经可以得到86分。
「一学期 120天,每天多念3小时书, 360小时只换来 3分,想想真是划不来;若是拿360小时做其它有意义的事,人生想必更精采。」

刘小姐认为,不论是课业或工作,都适用80 ╱ 20 法则,亦即80%的成绩,来自于 20%的付出。
假设你有 100小时,只要花20小时做 A工作,就能拿到 80分,剩下的80 小时,你有两种选择:

1精益求精在 A工作下苦工,最后拿到满分 100分;

2去做BCDE四件工作,每件工作投注 20小时,各拿到 80分,最后总分是5×80 =400 分。

哪一种时间运用方式,投资报酬率较高,可带给你更大的满足感?这就是 B级人生所要思考的问题。

从连续2年蝉联年终奖金第一名的理财专员工作引退,宁可在银行柜台当一般行员的安小姐,就是选择 B 级人生的例子。


大学毕业后,安小姐就在老字号的三商银担任临柜行员,办理一般存款工作,5 年前银行民营化,她在组织重整后,被调到贵宾理财部门。

课程的多采多姿,让她学到许多人际应对技巧,而且第一年就考上多张证照,还幸运地拉到几位「 VIP 大户」(资产超过 300万元) ,

当时每天加班到晚上 10点是常态,甚至周末假日也不得闲。





担任芯片设计研发工程师期间,李勇毅形容说,自己每天至少12 小时和计算机相亲相爱,忙碌一天后,再也提不起力气做任何事,


刚开始李勇毅也是抱着这种看法,但3年前他找到人生挚爱的伴侣,婚后生活有了重心,他开始无法忍受一天工作 12 小时的生活。

「4 月结婚、 5月就决定考公职、7月如愿考上高考第一志愿电力工程,分发到民航局上班。」

赚钱也赚到人生,其实就是 B级人生的真义,拥有一定水准的金钱,做自己想做的事情,才是人生的赢家。

( 本文由《Career 职场情报志》提供 )

Sunday, March 28, 2010


26 Mar 2010

It was a special day.

Mum sent an sms, "In which book of the bible is the name Clement mentioned?"

I told them many time already since the day we named him Clement, so forgetful... "None." I replied the sms.

"Wrong. It's in Phil 4:3. HA HA!" Mum replied the sms. Sounds like I failed a quiz???

Doubtfully, I turned to my e-bible. And Yong Sheng too.

Philippians 4:3
Yes, and I ask you, loyal yokefellow, help these women who have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel, along with Clement* and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life.

Surprised and embarrassed :p opps... Clement, congrats your name is in the Bible, and even Book of Life! :) Daddy and Mummy should read Bible more de...

*In chinese, Clement is translated as 革 利 免。

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fake Crying

It was not easy to introduce car seat to Clement. But we were glad that he is able to adapt to it after the CNY trip back to Malacca. At times, mummy is still a better car seat, got people to cuddle mar... haha... This was what happened when he got real bored one day at 3month 1week old.


Today (7Mar2010), three FIRSTS happened.

First First, Mum attended Sunday service from beginning to the end with Clement. Daddy was on ad-hoc video duty. Thank God it was still manageable :) Mum brought Clement to the front row for few minutes to look at the flaggers and tambourinese. Mum was wondering if Clement like the movements of colours. Out of mum's expectation, Clement turned his head every few seconds to check on his daddy, who is on video duty right at the back of the hall. Haha.... We did not stay in front there there for long due to the loud music and also the short exposure was good enough :)

Second First, Mum and Clement spent about an hour and a half in Gurney Plaza while daddy went back to church for his ministry. At first mum planned to read some books to Clement in MPH since Clement was on baby carrier, facing front. Apparently Clement is more of an activity person and like to walk around, look around. Poor mum had to keep walking since Clement did not like mum to sit down for long... Mum managed to find his favourite Alphabet Bug in Mum's Care and she held the toy in her hand, kept playing the ABC song while she walk around checking out the products there. Most products are nice, but the price is 'nice' too. After that mum brought Clement to Toy-R-Us to look at the high tech toys nowadays. Kids nowadays really have a lot of interesting toys to play. A dad and a child was playing fencing in the store... Dangerous as they were not paying attention to surrounding. Great that mum was able to find a seat near the Toy-R-Us entrance later on and Clement had his nap in mum's arm. So nice to see him sleep. Mummy's legs and shoulders managed to get some rest too (hehe, it was a no-stroller session since Gurney is not stroller friendly. Besides, it was Clement's first time to sit in the baby carrier, need to standby my only 2 hands to carry him in case he get bored of the carrier). I was carrying everything on my shoulder - Good muscle training. Hope mummy wont become sumo or Hercules :p

Third First, Clement laughed out loud for many many times before he went to bed. Mum was so excited and she also ketawa terbahak-bahak with him. Too bad when mum wanted to record it, Clement stop laughing that way :p Daddy saw this laughter once few days ago during their bonding time. That time mummy was standing behind Clement and did not see his face with that big laughter. Today mummy saw it, and heard it, and it was really really amazing!! Wahahahaha....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thaipusam Replacement Holiday

Again... stucked in my "Edit Posts" for weeks....

Last Monday (1Feb) was Thaipusam Replacement Holiday. We decided to bring Clement for a real outdoor activity, since all the while we only brought him to Queensbay Mall... We were hoping he'll like the nature, fresh air, trees, birds and monkey. haha.. I kept telling him that we are going to show him monkey. Little creature maybe same size as him, but already able to walk and crawl and run and climb :p (bad description)

As usual weekends, we dress him up first before grooming ourselves. He resist not to fall asleep to make sure we bring him out as per promised. He was already quite restless when I put on his shoes. He was very happy when he has his shoes on, since it means he gets to go kai kai. That settled him and he was not so cranky anymore. By the time we were ready, he was already too tired and was found sleeping by his own in the playpen.

After I transfer him from the playpen to the car's bassinet, he was still peacefully sleeping. Wow, he must be really tired as sometimes he will wakes up when I transfer him from bassinet to stroller or stroller to bassinet.

A quarter through the car journey, Clement woke up. I told him he should sleep and reserve energy since it's still quite a distance from Botanical Garden. However, he loves looking at moving cars and buildings and refused to sleep. I supported him in sitting position so he can see more things in the "normal" angle :p Thank God we managed to find a free carpark. Daddy was trying to make things simple and decided to just carry Clement. No stroller, no umbrella. Mum had some concern but daddy said it's going to be ok.

After walking 300meter, not even arrived at Botanical Garden main entrance, daddy gave up. Clement was too heavy for such 'long' walk. Haha.. So mummy carried Clement while dad walked back to the car to get the stroller and umbrella. That was a correct decision :) We also saw another 4 mom+dad+baby when we arrived there. Looks like it's a good day for babies outing.

Clement was still very awake at that time. He enjoyed the stroll so much that when we stopped to show him monkeys, he got cranky and started crying. Mummy and daddy kept pointing and telling him, "Nah, monkey... see, monkey.... neh, those moving ones ar, those are monkey...." But he simply not interested. haha. Maybe out of his expectations :p And also he was sleepy already I guess. Never leave home without "chut-chut" (pacifier). And it did work to silent him :p But when mummy took out her handphone camera wanted to take Clement's photo, he was quick. See....

Thank God again for the umbrella. On the way back to the car, the sun was shining so bright that mummy had to walk in front, blocking the sun so that Clement can be in the shade (mummy's shadow). Mummy told daddy that Clement was like an emperor. Haha... By the time we reach our car, he was already sleeping. Good.

Hopefully next outing to Botanical Garden, we can walk more than one big round. Haha...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Clement (2nd Month)

When I told friends that I rarely log on to PC during my confinement and remaining of my maternity leaves, some of wondering why is the baby occupying so much of my time. Well, it was pretty routine of feeding the baby, entertaining the baby, bathing him, help him poo poo, changing the lampin, soothing the baby when he awakes halfway in his dreams. Well, I miss the 1-1 time with him after started working. I especially miss the talking time with him during the weekdays. Am glad still have weekends to accompany him.

Clement is an adorable baby, and will always be, in my heart :)

My favourite photos of Clement (1st month)

Family photo in Nov2009

Many people were surprised to see Clement's dimple, which he has on both side of his cheeks. His mummy only has one her her right cheek...

Little Clement with little arm, little thigh, little feet, little face...

Notice the skin peeling off on some part of his body. Dr says it's due to he is overdue, but some says it's due to the water bag residue.

This is one of his sleeping pattern. He likes to have a feet stepping on the mattress when sleeping.

Daddy's favourite burping position, Trust me, he is not strangling Clement.

Mummy's favourite burping position is above the shoulder, then will follow this "koala" position which Clement likes.

This was Clement's favourite expression when he was 1month old.

Space Discovery Gym by Lamaze. Guess Clement wasn't really know how to enjoy it yet. How daddy and mummy wished we have such lovely toys and playland while we were young...


The first labour experience

Finally I'm enthusiastic again to complete this blog entry which has been saved in the draft since Nov09..... Before my memory fades, let me complete it....

"The First Labour Experience" (don't ask me when will the next one be since I just survived the first one)

2-3 nights before the REAL labour(10Nov), I experienced "contraction". It was like the tightening in the abdomen, starts from bottom and extended to the top. But Dr told me that contraction (note that there is no inverted commas here) is the tightening in the abdomen, which starts from top to the bottom, and I will definitely recognise it when I feel it. The "contraction" disappeared after I changed position, so it was a false one, even if it was a contraction...

Being confused, I asked 2 close friends who went through normal deliveries. I asked them how did their "contraction" feel like. One says it feels like you gonna have a bad diarrhea, another one says it's like menstrual cramp. Sounds like different people experience differently?

Anyway, 13th Nov 4am, I felt menstrual cramp. Haha... I was surprisingly happy. Maybe baby is coming out :) But I did not tell YS since he was sleeping soundly. First baby not so fast one la since this is only the "early phase" of first stage.

7am when YS and I went out for morning walk around the housing area, I could feel the Braxton-Hick + menstrual cramp contraction. We started to time the "contraction". It was pretty regular, 15s every 3-5mins interval. Shortly after that, I could feel a small patch of warm liquid flowing down. Worrying that it might be water bag burst, we stopped walking and I told YS we need to walk home. Thank God it was not water bag burst since I felt only a little wet and not water gushing out, nor water dripping out continually. Later at home I found out that it was blood-tinged mucous (show) discharged from the vagina. Good. Clear sign that this could be the REAL labour.

After reached home, I immediately went to take a bath, wash my hair as clean as possible since I might not be washing it for coming few days (well, actually no matter how clean you wash it, you gonna sweat a lot while pushing in the labour room right?). Then we called Adventist midwife to ask if we should be going to hospital directly, or later. After we told her the details on the contraction and show, she asked us to go to the O&G since it was a working day, and Dr can advise further.

YS and I, feeling 'excited' somehow, packed the necessaries and head to Adventist. Haha... baby "keeps his promise' and looks like will be coming out before 15Nov. On the way to the hospital, the contraction was still there, but felt less intense and irregular now :( When we arrived at the O&G, the nurses were surprised to see us. We told them I might be in labour. After taking my blood pressure and weight, I was scheduled to be the next patient to see the Dr. Haha... no need to wait, straight away jump queue :p Dr checked and said that I was 4cm dilated, water still quite a lot, and baby's head is still quite high (not fully engaged). When Dr was checking on the dilation, he did help to stretch the surrounding so that the body will release certain hormone to accelerate the dilation (we found out about this during the 1st checkup after the delivery, interesting). Mixed feeling. We need to continue praying... Since Dr will have an operation scheduled in the afternoon, he said will come and check on me after that. He might want to break the water bag, or induce me so that he can try to reduce the risk of cord prolapse and placenta abruption. He said I should be able to deliver by night time. Ok... night time. I was thinking - still got a lot time to relax (typical last minute attitude...)

YS asked if we could still go jalan-jalan, Dr told us to jalan-jalan in the labour room, since already dilated 4cm. haha... Well, MIL said that jalan-jalan can help to speed up the labour mar.

The nurse then asked me to sit on a wheel chair, and a macho guy pushed me to the O&G ward. Felt so paiseh as many eyes were looking at you. Argh, ok la, nice experience, also able to access the "special lift" where visitors are forbidden to use.

I was sent to a wardroom-like place with attached bathroom and some basic equipment while YS go pay the deposits. The midwives were not quite friendly though. One of them shaved the episiotomy-to-be area without giving you heads up. I was a bit tense as I was not sure what to expect. And when I moved a little as reflects, she just said, "Don't move! Later got cut!" Then she asked if I've already have my big business and I said yes. Then she just walked away. Some mothers told me that they were given some medicines to clear the bowel... Well, better try my best to clear it myself as much as possible later.

Later on only I found out that there are 2 more ladies going to deliver that very morning. No wonder the midwives are so busy and not very patient while answering your questions. Anyway, those few hours of waiting was pretty ok, since I no longer feel the regular contraction nor menstrual cramp. During the wait, we actually "witnessed with our ears" 2 labours. Both were normal delivery. Only then that we realised that I'm actually lying in an actual labour room, not wardroom. At first I did not believe it, but after the 1st mother delivered, that room was left with clothes with blood stain on the floor. What really surprised us was that labour room's door is wide open. People next door can hear you scream!!! Gosh. But it was a good "preview" for us on the actual labour since we can hear the midwives cheering for the mother, together with the doctor (who only arrived last minute). We also learned that you need to convert the "crying strength" into "pushing strength" since the midwives kept reminding them... I was praying for the 2nd mother as she was near labour and when the midwife called the Dr, we heard her responding "Ok Dr. You try your best to come as quickly as possible, we'll do our best here..." Thank God the Dr did make it within sufficient time to help the lady through the labour. Hahah.. after pushing for quite sometime, we heard the midwife said, "Ok, already fifty cent..." YS was like, "Huh? so long already, only fifty cents?" He used his fingers to form a circle. Ooohh.... fifty cents is not very big ooo.... After more cheering, we finally hear the baby's first cry. Wow, so touched. I told YS I'll be crying when I first hear my baby cry later... Different Dr different style. The 2nd Dr was actually a better "cheer leader" than the 1st Dr. But since both were able to deliver smoothly, it was an encouragement to me too. Others can do it, I can too :)

At 12pm, I was already hungry and asked if lunch is included. The midwife was reluctant to give me food as she scare I might throw up if the delivery is soon. After checking with the Dr, she gave me some "soft diet" - porridge and milo. Nice :)

On and off the midwife will come to the room and strap 2 belts on my tummy, one to check baby's heartbeat, one to check contraction. She asked me to press a button when I can feel the baby moving. Err... challenging, I told her I can no longer differentiate contraction and baby moving. Both feelings already like blended together... Hahha...

At around 1pm, there was a shift change. A friendly midwife aunty was on duty and she was very very friendly. She talked and joked a lot with us, made me so at home :p At least I left much more comfortable with her. She'll share a lot encouraging stories when she put on the 2 belts on me and checking the baby heartbeat and contraction. At 2.30pm, the Dr came to visit me in his operating theater uniform. Looks like his operation ended earlier than expected :p I told him that I dont really feel much contraction now. And he suggest breaking the water bag, or induce to expedite the labour - i think that's what normally Dr will do here in Malaysia, at least from few friends I know. But I've also heard of many stories where after breaking the water bag or performing induce, most will end up going to the theater for C section. I told Dr that I would like to discuss with YS since he was out for lunch.

During this period of time, God actually sent us angel in human form. She encouraged us to make the right decision, and don't be pressured by the Dr. She said that if we would want to try natural delivery, we need to tell Dr and make our stand clear. Dr will understand and he will not force you into decision you are not in favor of, since this is our baby. Both of us prayed hard, and when the Dr came in at around 4.30pm, we told him our decision, that is to wait and allow natural birth to happen. I guess he was shocked a little and reemphasized to us the risk of this decision. Baby is already overdue, contraction not regular and if wait maybe next day also can't deliver yet, baby's head too high and water too much... Anyway, we really appreciate his detailed explanations to us so that we will not regret any decision we make. For safety purposes, Dr. requested the nurse to insert the little "water-drip-adapter" on my left hand, so that in case emergency cesarean is to take place, there will be no hiccups. At this time he checked my dilation is around 5-6cm. Still, no pain and irregular contraction. YS was joking that probably that's how "supernatural childbirth" feels like since I was reading the book during 1st trimester and few days before birth. Well, but at least the writer did says that contraction is a way God designed so that we know when to push and when not. If irregular contraction, it really doesn't sounds like the body is ready for delivering the baby...

At around 7pm, the nurses moved us to another delivery room, the bigger one. This one is more complete I guess, I least I see more equipments around. This was the room the first mother gave birth this morning, where I saw clothes with bloodstain? Haha, but it didn't haunt me.

All through these hours since the morning, the nurse has been asking me to wear maternity pad. It is a super big and thick pad compared to the normal ones. Strange? Yeah, I thought it was when she asked me too since the bloody show is just a little by a little. By evening time, I start seeing more blood coming out over time. It was bleeding like heavy flow menstrual after few hours. After 9months without menstrual, this was an indescribable experience. There was an instance when YS told me that there's some blood stain on the bed and I went to the toilet to change the pad. The midwife told him that that is only a small amount of blood. More is to come especially during the labour. She kept reminding YS as she scare later he'll faint. Haha. Anyway, joke aside, from 9.30pm onwards, I can start feeling more intense pain and regular contraction. And there were occasions where I felt I want to pangsai. I sat at the toilet bowl for some time telling nurse that I need to clear my bowel. Then they told me it's the baby's head pressing and kept emphasize NOT TO PUSH as it will injure some muscles or tissue. Argh, but pushing will really make you feel better... Anyway, got to hang in there. To be honest, at that moment with that baby head pressing on, I really wish I could just push the baby out there and then, and settle the "project of the day" Err... in the toilet?? At that time you don't really think much. ahha... Anyway am glad that was only an imagination.

Around 10pm, I start sweating. The pain is still bearable and as per the midwive's advise, I was trying to sleep to store my energy for later use. At times when the contraction peaks, I hold on to my fist, curl my body, whatever, to distract myself from the pain. YS must be regret offering his fingers instead of his arms for me to squeeze... Poor thing.... The aunty midwife did asked if I wanted an injection at the buttock for pain control, which also can make you dizzy and sleep a little before the stage 2 starts. I refused few times since the pain was still bearable and I was preparing mentally for greater pains since I promise YS I will try not to give in to epidural. After the midwife asked few more times, I decided to take la, haiya, perhaps it will make me enjoy the process more. After all it's already in the package and everyone takes it without side effects... But since my contraction has just begun to be consistence and slowly building up, the nurse scare that after giving me this injection, the "momentum" of contraction will drop and the labour time will be much much longer. Thus, at the end, I agreed not to take the injection, and the pain continue to builds up... Besides, I was dilated to around 7-8cm at that time. And the nurse says that it's too late to give that injection though since I've been able to stand the pain level thus far...

When it was near to 11am, I was a little sad, as the aunty midwife shift will be over. She did shared a lot on breathing techniques since I already forgotten most of it after the antenatal class. Her techniques are those more practical ones, she said those taught in the class are too theory and it may not help much. Well, thank God that she did shared with us the practical techniques verbally before she's off duty. Cos the next shift midwives did not tell you anything. Just tell you "push... push... ah, push harder..."

My next option of pain release will be the laughing gas, again, this is also part of the package. The aunty midwife did let me "practice" how to use it few hours ago when she was explaining about the breathing techniques. This time, I really cant stand it and straight away reach for the mask. After breathing in the gas while contraction peaks, it really helped to "distract" you, though you may still feel painful if you keep focus on it... I did not really feel good if continually breathing in the gas. It made me felt dizzy and blur. Thus I only breathe it when the contraction peaks. And I've shifted my focus to "ok ok ... the contraction is coming... ok ok ... standby mask... ok breathe!!!!!... ok now let go the mask and breathe normally". To be frank, I did still feel the pain when the contraction peaks, but the loud breathing in the mask reminds me of my diving experience. haha... those relaxing moments :) so I closed my eyes and made my mind imagining that I'm currently diving! haha. The last dive session was during our honeymoon in Sipadan 1.5 years ago. Sweet memory le... Those diving imagination really helps, since the contraction peaks were so frequent, felt like every 15s or 20s.

I asked YS to ask the midnight shift nurse to check on me. She said I was 8cm dilated. We request for the Dr to come, she says still too early. After few minutes, I felt really really painful and got a very strong urge to push. I asked YS to ask for the nurse again. The nurse, who sits outside at the counter most of the time, without monitoring my contraction and fetal heartbeat as dedicated as the aunty midwife, brush YS off saying that she just checked few minutes ago and won't dilate 10cm too soon. I guess YS got really angry and almost wanted to pick a fight. Reluctantly the nurse came in again and check on my dilation. Then she said "wait..." and went of. We heard her calling the Dr in, "Already 10cm, Dr..."

Argh.... YS was very angry. At that time, I was more worried, since the water bag is not burst yet!! Will it burst itself before the Dr comes in? We really pray hard. It was amazing that this "natural birth" decision has brought us this far. I was thinking, if we've allowed Dr to burst my water bag (which the earlier shift nurse called it my "bao bei"), probably I'd have delivered? Many people said that when the water bag is burst, contraction is more painful due to the friction. Guess I was really blessed with God's favour that all the peak contractions I "suffered" through was milder ones :p

I was kind of dizzy and blur when YS told me that the Dr has arrived. I was glad he made it on time. He checked on my dilation, not sure if I heard wrongly, dilated 11cm... I think my legs were lifted up on some holders at both side of the bed. It helps you to open your legs wide. The Dr. then burst my waterbag, and I could felt his hand pushing slightly on my stomach, trying to control the water from flowing out too quickly. The warm sensation was felt. A lot of water... ahah... I could still ask Dr, "Has baby pangsai inside? Got meconium?" and He said, "No." Wow, thank God. And thank God that no cord prolapse nor placenta abruption.

Next, the Dr asked me to start pushing. It was pretty natural that when the contraction peaks, you'll push to reduce the pain. Wow, felt so much better now since I've been having the urge to push for so long but am not allowed to, and now all you need to do is PUSH. Really felt much better. At first when the nurse took away my "diving mask" I felt helpless, ah, how to distract the pain? But it actually wasn't so bad as you'll stay more alert.

To conserve energy, I was closing my eyes most of the time during the pushing. Partly to be more sensitive to the upcoming contraction, partly to rest while no contraction. At this moment, I realised that I have a lot of stamina to breathe in, out and hold on to it, and push while continue to breath out. Haha.. I took me few rounds to really catch the "tricks" to make the pushing more efficient. Halfway through the pushing (cant really remember the sequence), Dr asked if I need his help. I replied no. Then, I asked him, "Err, what kind of help ar?" Some friends did told me some Dr will help to press on your stomach to top up on your pushing. "Forcep?" I asked. He said, "No, vacuum..." "Err... no thanks..." That's really neither of my options.

Besides "push...push harder... ok ready, push again...", there was a moment the nurse shouted, "ok, can see 10cents already." What? 10cents only? I remember that the new mother this morning, after 50cents, there were quite some time before the baby's first cry. Now mine is only 10cents, not even 50cents!! Oh my... haih... I guess I wasn't pushing enough. After many pushes, I heard "50 cents already....". And YS kept shouting, "ok... one more. One last push... Ok.. you can do it. One last one..." There were so many LASTs until finally I could felt that the head is coming out and I just need to hang in there, continue to push, but harder and hold that breathe longer to sustain the pushing momentum. Something big came out, and later on baby cry. I was aware of the episiotomy cut i guess. I couldn't recall if the Dr said, "Congratulations, it's a baby boy", but I only remember that I was too tired to shed my tears as what I told YS I would earlier. Hahha... I remembered asking if the baby was born on 13th or 14th (the next day).

Later on was the 3rd stage of delivery, the delivery of placenta. There was an injection given near the episiotomy area. I thought that it was some pain killer for the episiotomy, but later on I read somewhere that it is for easing the delivery of the placenta. The delivery of placenta was quite smooth. The following many minutes I was lying on the bed, as the Dr patiently doing the stitches for the episiotomy. I guess the process was pretty long. Tried to chit chat with him since I was a little board (YS already left me to go take video of Clement) but I was afraid the Dr might be distracted and affect the stitches quality. After that the nurse passed the baby for me to see, asked me to check my name on 2 tags tied to his legs, and the baby was put on my breast to initiate breastmilk. I didn't managed to look at him clearly at such closed distance but I knew he made it too. The miraculous journey of him leaving his comfort water zone for 9months to this world filled with air.

By the time I got back my glasses, it was already 1.30am. What a long marathon. I told YS i felt like I've climbed a very very high mountain, or ran a very very long marathon. That night I could not urine, just the muscles are not responding somehow though my brain told them to. During my confinement I read about it in "What to Expect when you are expecting - Postpartum", apparently it's very normal. Thank God haemorrhoid did not gave me much problem throughout the delivery as well as during postpartum.

To God tbe all glory.

For more info on the labour stages, you may refer to

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lesson learnt 101

After blogging about 'almost' forgot to take the expressed milk from my working place, on 29th January, my 7th day in office, I missed the boat. I attended a teleconference till 6.01pm. And I totally forgot bout the milk until I saw the clock - 6:01pm.

Gosh, I walk at top speed to the clinic - where the mother's room locates. I was hopeful that the clinic is not closed yet. After all last few days a lady in-charged told me that she usually works till 6+pm, and I've still seen her around at 6.15pm. Was rather shocked when I see the clinic chained with padlock, and all lights off. Ah....... How? I remembered now that the lady in-charged is an Indian and probably she needs to leave on time for Thaipusam. As I did not bring my handphone with me, I needed to walk back to my cubicle, at top speed again. It's not very nearby though....

While I was walking, I was counting the days the milk will be "trapped" in the clinic. Since Monday is public holiday, by the time I collect it on Tuesday, the milk will be spoilt already :( I purposely pass by another mother's cubicle. She's gone. Guess no one stays on late on Friday, further more it'll be long weekend...

When I reached my cube, I immediately call the only Avago mother's hp number which I have (suddenly regretted not getting more numbers). Thank God she picked up the phone and told me that the security guards have the clinic's keys.

Filled with joy, I ran back towards the nearest guardhouse from the clinic. I bumped into 3 securities and requested them to open the clinic for me. The most senior guy was very reluctant to help. He told me that the clinic has recently changed a new padlock which they don't have the keys; and even if they have the key, I need permission from the lady in-charge to open (which they also do not have the lady's hp number, so how to call???)... I later on discovered that these guys were simply too selfish as they were on their way to the smoking area.

I called back the Avago mother. Thank God for good timing that she's at the main guardhouse at that time. Over the phone, I heard her pleading with the securities to help me get my milk out. To cut the whole story short, she told the securities that we needed to talk to the top management and finally approval was given to me to get my milk out from the clinic. One of the smoking guys were called back to unlock the clinic for me =)

It took me almost total 40mins to get the milk back. When we arrived home, Clement was already very sleepy and luckily he managed to strived through the bathing time without tears...

Lesson learnt, set alarm at 5:45pm daily, and even if got conference or meeting, leave temporarily. (Hehe, many colleagues support this idea after listening to my bad experience). Again, thank God for His favour. From that day onwards, I always tell Clement to appreciate every drop of his milk....

Started work since 21 Jan

I've started work for a week plus now. Thanks God Clement has been cooperative and wakes up around 6am every morning. With the daily routine below, YS and I are able to leave our house at 8am and reach office by 8.30am. We've made a point to reach office early, and leave office latest 6.15pm (without short-changing our earthly employer) so that we are able to reach home play with Clement before he goes to bed and sleep for hours.

Morning routine:
1. Clement drink milk (1st half)
2. Clement on potty for big business
3. mum go take bath while daddy play with Clement
4. mum prepare baby bath tub, warm water, soap, towel...
5. dad bathe Clement then dress up Clement while mum groom herself
6. mum play with Clement and ends the session with milk (2nd half)
7. dad brings Clement downstairs to handover to mother-in-law. Usually Clement is sleeping by then
8. mum continue expressing milk since Clement may not have emptied them. Dad will have his breakfast and prepare breakfast for mum
9. Mum packs breastpump and accessories, then have breakfast while dad sterilizes the used accessories which mum needs to bring to office.
10. Mum will continue her breakfast (usually 2 slices of bread) in the car and daddy drive the car

Sounds like daddy is doing many things. Am really blessed with a lovely husband. Most of my time is on feeding and pumping... Sometimes I do feel that I want to spend more time with Clement, hug hug Clement more, but for time efficiency wise, the above routines looks compacted already. Probably some sacrifices to be made while I'm still blessed with breastmilk, the best food for baby. Thus my best bonding time will be his feeding time, though he's mostly half awake and half asleep during that session.

In office, mum is always looking at the clock. 11am and 3pm is the time for mum to report to her 2nd full time job. Mum is blessed with a very efficient pump (Medela Pump-In-Style), loaned from a close relative. This pump saves her much time and mum is really happy about it. As the pump is in a backpack form, it's pretty easy to have outsiders thinking that mum only arrive work at 11+am or leaving office around 3+pm... Haih... Should I put a big tag telling that "I'm not going home" or "I'm in office since 8+am"... haha... some mothers did tell me that the breatfeeding room is safe enough to keep your belongings there so that you dont have to carry to and fro. Well, majority of them are using manual pumps, but the pump I'm using is pretty pricee, and it's not mine... Better take good care of it. Occasionally there are meetings that clashes with mummy's 2nd job. So need to make adjustments here and there. Really pray hard that I'll not have strings of continuous meetings, and also will have understanding colleagues and bosses. Haha. After all I'm just sacrificing my teabreak time for this 2nd full time job in office. Mummy almost forget to go collect her breastmilk from the room yesterday. (The place will be locked at 6pm).

After arrive home, dad and mum has very little bonding time with Clement as he usually is awake since 5.40pm and his awake time is pretty limited. When reach home, depending on what time, and also depending on the awakeness of Clement, the routine below is done flexibly (not in sequence):

1. mum and dad to eat dinner if Clement is not showing crankiness
2. mum will bathe Clement since in the morning dad does it
3. mum will feed Clement and express out the remaining
4. mum/dad will put Clement to bed
5. mum/dad will take turn to eat dinner we did not have it earlier while the other party stays upstairs with the baby

Weekends are very precious, and I understand why many new working parents say that. Am glad this coming weekend is a long weekend (with Monday as replacement holiday for Thaipusam). Really looking forward :)