Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thaipusam Replacement Holiday

Again... stucked in my "Edit Posts" for weeks....

Last Monday (1Feb) was Thaipusam Replacement Holiday. We decided to bring Clement for a real outdoor activity, since all the while we only brought him to Queensbay Mall... We were hoping he'll like the nature, fresh air, trees, birds and monkey. haha.. I kept telling him that we are going to show him monkey. Little creature maybe same size as him, but already able to walk and crawl and run and climb :p (bad description)

As usual weekends, we dress him up first before grooming ourselves. He resist not to fall asleep to make sure we bring him out as per promised. He was already quite restless when I put on his shoes. He was very happy when he has his shoes on, since it means he gets to go kai kai. That settled him and he was not so cranky anymore. By the time we were ready, he was already too tired and was found sleeping by his own in the playpen.

After I transfer him from the playpen to the car's bassinet, he was still peacefully sleeping. Wow, he must be really tired as sometimes he will wakes up when I transfer him from bassinet to stroller or stroller to bassinet.

A quarter through the car journey, Clement woke up. I told him he should sleep and reserve energy since it's still quite a distance from Botanical Garden. However, he loves looking at moving cars and buildings and refused to sleep. I supported him in sitting position so he can see more things in the "normal" angle :p Thank God we managed to find a free carpark. Daddy was trying to make things simple and decided to just carry Clement. No stroller, no umbrella. Mum had some concern but daddy said it's going to be ok.

After walking 300meter, not even arrived at Botanical Garden main entrance, daddy gave up. Clement was too heavy for such 'long' walk. Haha.. So mummy carried Clement while dad walked back to the car to get the stroller and umbrella. That was a correct decision :) We also saw another 4 mom+dad+baby when we arrived there. Looks like it's a good day for babies outing.

Clement was still very awake at that time. He enjoyed the stroll so much that when we stopped to show him monkeys, he got cranky and started crying. Mummy and daddy kept pointing and telling him, "Nah, monkey... see, monkey.... neh, those moving ones ar, those are monkey...." But he simply not interested. haha. Maybe out of his expectations :p And also he was sleepy already I guess. Never leave home without "chut-chut" (pacifier). And it did work to silent him :p But when mummy took out her handphone camera wanted to take Clement's photo, he was quick. See....

Thank God again for the umbrella. On the way back to the car, the sun was shining so bright that mummy had to walk in front, blocking the sun so that Clement can be in the shade (mummy's shadow). Mummy told daddy that Clement was like an emperor. Haha... By the time we reach our car, he was already sleeping. Good.

Hopefully next outing to Botanical Garden, we can walk more than one big round. Haha...