Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Valentine's

How did you celebrate Valentine's this year?

Haha... mine started as a normal day but ended well. We went to McD Greenlane meeting up with A&E for their wedding meeting and then went to QBM for free Cornetto. (no la, we are not so tam-chiak one... we went there for shopping, just happen the free Cornetto are still available, so we ma get to eat free ice-cream lo)

After hanging around while finishing up our ice-cream, we went to check out the new Honda Cities. Nice except that I still like some features that Chew's older model Honda City has. However, Chew was sad to hear that his older model Honda City is less less less less valuable now... Don't cry, it's ok. We won't sell my bridal car...

After doing some weekly shopping at Jusco, we went home and start cutting stuff in the kitchen for tonight's project. haha. Then we spend some hours in church as the little girl is scheduled to dance this weekend. When we got home at night around 11pm, the project just started... haha... Steamed Yam Cake Mission!! We followed (though not totally) the recipe we casually found from the web.

Ta-da........ we managed to produce 2 of this...

and 2 of this...

So we share with Penang family members, CG members and some 'lucky' collegues. Thank God almost all of them like it. We were so disappointed on saturday night when the cakes looks soggy... I almost regretted adding on more water... God answers prayer. The next morning it looks and tastes much better when it's cooled off.

Good job. As Hooi Pin says, Jia You Jia You... haha....

Things I want to do

It's great to have lots of free time, especially during weekends. Nowadays I treasure the weekends more, even started making more time by sleeping late on Friday night and Saturday night. Probably after reading Mitch Albom's "For One More Day" during the Chinese New Year long break. Life is short and probably I don't want to miss out more things when I'm still young and not much commitment... Why not try out more things? I'm in the midst of enjoying "The Five People You Meet In Heaven". Both were listed as bestseller fictions. Probably will be reading "Tuesdays With Morrie" once I'm done with TFPYMIH.

One of the things I wanna try this year - more new dishes. Used to be very energetic baking cakes and making fortune cookies when we first bought a oven in Chew's house. Now the cooking inspiration is back after flipping through one of the local delicacies recipe book in Pangkor Laut hotel room in Feb09.

Haha... Steamed Yam Cake became one of the target. There are more, all listed on my house refrigerator. Better not list here in case I "hangat-hangat tahi ayam again". More looking forward for "shopping with plans and targets", and eventful weekends in the kitchen. Not to forget, more time for books too. Passion for reading is back this season. Live life to the fullest, won't you. Join me if you like what I'm doing :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Icons

Yesterday I started to change my Skype, GoogleTalk and MSN icons. Guess which is the most "happening" icon where people start teasing me about?




Did you just said PANDA? yeah... somemore got people trying to bribe me with bamboo shoots... Hope I get to see a real one in future though i enjoy viewing them on TV and YouTube...

My very first

Congratulations, you've finally learn how to add in images into your very "wordy" blog. Good job!! (Yeah right, actually was lazy waiting for the photos to load... but feeling good after adding the colors to the blog)

Actually hor, I also have another first.... my first video uploaded to Youtube. Not supposed to be shared publicly but am glad it did touched the birthday boy last year.... a birthday greeting all the way from Shanghai :)

Check it out. (Wah!! so glad I have another breakthrough!!!)

My 2009 Pre-Valentine's Day

Haha.... today we celebrated our 1st "official" valentine's day after kahwin for 1 year plus. Actually is pre-Valentine's. Am still expecting something tomorrow.... :p

Basically did not remember what we did last valentine's as it was too close to our honeymoon and it was not blogged... Probably we did nothing i guess :p

It's special this year. Big Dear Dear promised to prepare me Special Valentine's Dinner after I cooked spaghetti for him (why no one take photos of my spaghetti one??) and the upcoming steamed yam cake... hahah.... da-da-da-da........
Grilled Lamb with Mushroom Sauce and lady fingers


Mushroom Soup with Crouton (check out the name on the mug.... ) and here I introduced you the satisfied chef.

Valentine's day will not be complete without flower/s, right? This was found outside our house 3 days ago... first baby rose since we moved to Pearl Garden.

Probably it's gift from our Heavenly Father, for the couple who have been faithfully remembering to feed it with H2O++....
Happy Valentines to all the love birds. To all unattached singles, happy friendship day :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I will work for food

A story I read today. Interesting. Will God use me this way?


I sat, with two friends, in the picture window of a quaint restaurant just off the corner of the town-square. The food and the company were both especially good that day.

As we talked, my attention was drawn outside, across the street. There, walking into town, was a man who appeared to be carrying all his worldly goods on his back. He was carrying, a well-worn sign that read, "I will work for food." My heart sank.

I brought him to the attention of my friends and noticed that others around us had stopped eating to focus on him. Heads moved in a mixture of sadness and disbelief.

We continued with our meal, but his image lingered in my mind. We finished our meal and went our separate ways. I had errands to do and quickly set out to accomplish them. I glanced toward the town square, looking somewhat halfheartedly for the strange visitor. I was fearful, knowing that seeing him again would call some response. I drove through town and saw nothing of him. I made some purchases at a store and got back in my car.

Deep within me, the Spirit of God kept speaking to me: "Don't go back to the office until you've at least driven once more around the square."

Then with some hesitancy, I headed back into town. As I turned the square's third corner, I saw him. He was standing on the steps of the store front church, going through his sack.

I stopped and looked; feeling both compelled to speak to him, yet wanting to drive on. The empty parking space on the corner seemed to be a sign from God: an invitation to park. I pulled in, got out and approached the town's newest visitor.

"Looking for the pastor?" I asked.

"Not really," he replied, "just resting."

"Have you eaten today?"

"Oh, I ate something early this morning."

"Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"Do you have some work I could do for you?"

"No work," I replied. "I commute here to work from the city, but I would like to take you to lunch."

"Sure," he replied with a smile.

As he began to gather his things, I asked some surface questions. Where you headed?"

" St. Louis ."

"Where you from?"

"Oh, all over; mostly Florida ."

"How long you been walking?"

"Fourteen years," came the reply.

I knew I had met someone unusual. We sat across from each other in the same restaurant I had left earlier. His face was weathered slightly beyond his 38 years. His eyes were dark yet clear, and he spoke with an eloquence and articulation that was startling. He removed his jacket to reveal a bright red T-shirt that said, "Jesus is The Never Ending Story."

Then Daniel's story began to unfold.. He had seen rough times early in life. He'd made some wrong choices and reaped the consequences. Fourteen years earlier, while backpacking across the country, he had stopped on the beach in Daytona. He tried to hire on with some men who were putting up a large tent and some equipment. A concert, he thought.

He was hired, but the tent would not house a concert but revival services, and in those services he saw life more clearly. He gave his life over to God

"Nothing's been the same since," he said, "I felt the Lord telling me to keep walking, and so I did, some 14 years now."

"Ever think of stopping?" I asked.

"Oh, once in a while, when it seems to get the best of me But God has given me this calling. I give out Bibles . That's what's in my sack. I work to buy food and Bibles, and I give them out when His Spirit leads."

I sat amazed. My homeless friend was not homeless. He was on a mission and lived this way by choice. The question burned inside for a moment and then I asked: "What's it like?"


"To walk into a town carrying all your things on your back and to show your sign?"

"Oh, it was humiliating at first. People would stare and make comments. Once someone tossed a piece of half-eaten bread and made a gesture that certainly didn't make me feel welcome. But then it became humbling to realize that God was using me to touch lives and change people's concepts of other folks like me."

My concept was changing, too. We finished our dessert and gathered his things. Just outside the door, he paused. He turned to me and said, "Come Ye blessed of my Father and inherit the kingdom I've prepared for you. For when I was hungry you gave me food, when I was thirsty you gave me drink, a stranger and you took me in."

I felt as if we were on holy ground. "Could you use another Bible?" I asked.

He said he preferred a certain translation. It traveled well and was not too heavy. It was also his personal favorite.

"I've read through it 14 times," he said.

"I'm not sure we've got one of those, but let's stop by our church and see" I was able to find my new friend a Bible that would do well, and he seemed very grateful.

"Where are you headed from here?" I asked.

"Well, I found this little map on the back of this amusement park coupon."

"Are you hoping to hire on there for awhile?"

"No, I just figure I should go there. I figure someone under that star right there needs a Bible, so that's where I'm going next."

He smiled, and the warmth of his spirit radiated the sincerity of his mission. I drove him back to the town-square where we'd met two hours earlier, and as we drove, it started raining. We parked and unloaded his things.

"Would you sign my autograph book?" he asked. "I like to keep messages from folks I meet."

I wrote in his little book that his commitment to his calling had touched my life. I encouraged him to stay strong. And I left him with a verse of scripture from Jeremiah, "I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you; Plans to give you a future and a hope."

"Thanks, man," he said. "I know we just met and we're really just strangers, but I love you."

"I know," I said, "I love you, too.." "The Lord is good!"

"Yes, He is. How long has it been since someone hugged you?" I asked.

"A long time," he replied

And so on the busy street corner in the drizzling rain, my new friend and I embraced, and I felt deep inside that I had been changed. He put his things on his back, smiled his winning smile and said, "See you in the New Jerusalem."

"I'll be there!" was my reply.

He began his journey again. He headed away with his sign dangling from his bedroll and pack of Bibles. He stopped, turned and said, "When you see something that makes you think of me, will you pray for me?"

"You bet," I shouted back, "God bless."

"God bless." And that was the last I saw of him.

Late that evening as I left my office, the wind blew strong. The cold front had settled hard upon the town. I bundled up and hurried to my car. As I sat back and reached for the emergency brake, I saw them... a pair of well-worn brown work gloves neatly laid over the length of the handle. I picked them up and thought of my friend and wondered if his hands would stay warm that night without them.

Then I remembered his words: "If you see something that makes you think of me, will you pray for me?"

Today his gloves lie on my desk in my office. They help me to see the world and its people in a new way, and they help me remember those two hours with my unique friend and to pray for his ministry. "See you in the New Jerusalem," he said. Yes, Daniel, I know I will...

"I shall pass this way but once. Therefore, any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again."


1 Feb 09 evening
A friend invited me to join a Facebook Group "Please Pray for Gina Lee Yeok Jang" - Please continue praying for our sister in Christ, Gina who's fighting 4th stage Lymphoma Cancer now in University Hospital.

2 Feb 09 morning
An email was received.
"Our ex-IKUTM sister Gina Lee Yeok Jang passed away peacefully at 5:42am, 2nd Feb 2009 at University Hospital."

It was shocking to hear that as within 12 hours, the news changed. I dont even have enough time to understand what is "Lymphoma Cancer"....

The last 2 times I last see her. First one was when I first stepped into KL City Harvest Church, where I was welcomed by her, one of the ushers. It was warmth to see a familiar face in a stranger world. Second time, and the last time, was when she attended my pre-wedding reception in Malacca. I can still remember she asked me to send her the wedding photos once ready. I posted in my mywedding website. Gina, I really hope you saw them as I did not personally send you the photos....

Life is short. Sis told me that young people who are at the very last stage of cancer usually will leave us faster than the older adults as the metabolism rate is much higher and thus the cancer cells grow faster...

I want to spend more time with people. With those I love. Friendships are what money cant buy. And once someone is gone, you'll feel better if you know you'll see them in heaven. But if you know you'll never, ................. Make a choice and do your part today.