Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wrapping up for 2010

Gosh. My last blog was in early Nov. And worse still, it was a copy and paste material, not pure TCM works.... The REAL last blog dated 13Sept. Imagine that...

What have I done these many many months? Hmmm... Since Malaysia Day, I've been restarting my baking engine, which target was to bake Clement's birthday cake. Those few weekends in Sept through Nov was pretty busy as once Clement sleep around 8+ or 9pm, my baking task will resume. YS called it midnight baking. Tried several items like carrot cake, steamed pumpkin cake (supposed to be pumpkin cake but oven was on Emergency Medical Leave for 1 week), custard cream puff, almond mango cake, banana bread, and finally New York Cheese Cake and banana muffin for Clement's birthday. After that I got a little slack since I have to deplete all the cakes since my in-laws are not cake lovers, and the cakes may not meet their expectation. Too much carbo-loading. Let's take a short break for now till I'm motivated to restart the baking engine again, maybe sometime next year.

This is one of the giant cream puff I baked. This was room delivered to YS who was babysitting upstairs in the midnight, fresh from the oven. It tasted so good that night, but in the morning it's not as good as this, when it was hot and fresh.

During the baking season, there were always few hundred of minutes where you stay idle doing nothing in the midnight waiting for the oven to "ting". One of those days I was introduced to PPStream. And my short term hobby started. Hahah... Covered 2 famous Taiwanese movies: 幸福下一站 and 命中注定我爱你. These 2 dramas I really like them. You may watch if you have free time. Anyway, as I don't wish to turn into a potato who quit doing anything but staying in front of the laptop every night, I stopped downloading movies and went back to my normal cow routine.

Talking about cow routine, am pretty relieved that I am able to fully breastfeed Clement till he turns one. Wanted to quit when he turns one to resume to normal human lifestyle without counting the hours daily, choosing selected 'suitable' oversized blouse to wear, carrying 2 backpack to office and business trips during weekdays, popping in multivitamins and calcium pills everyday..... But felt it's a waste since my breastfeeding process is so smooth and supply is still sufficient. In fact, turning back to 6 months ago, I was so worried my new job will affect my milk supply. But HE has provided, and more than enough for Clement. And my routines, HE has taken care, all of them. I always tell Yong Sheng that things always changed to be favouable to me, which I really thanks God HE continue to test and build my faith. Well, after all 1-2 years of cow years for now, is still very short compared to number of years I've lived. Besides, till today I still enjoy the bonding time we have during nursing, really. It is a rewarding journey and sacrifice.

This year is a precious year, some may not understand. Haha... If you guessed it correctly, BINGO!! Yeah, this is the final birthday which my age starts with a number 2. It's as if I have not celebrated my birthday for long long time. 2008 I was in Shanghai alone during my birthday, last year was just after my confinement and all focus was on baby Clement. This year am glad we went back to Malacca, had a birthday cake with candles on to blow :) Really felt very warm and no regret travelling back there despite the tiring journey.

Updates on Clement? He has now 8 teeth, 4 upper and 4 lower. Able to walk on his own just before his birthday. Now he likes to walk without people supporting him. We don't really mind him 'running' around on carperted floor but when on cemented ground, our heart pumps faster. He can do relevant actions when you ask him, "Where is your ear?", "high-5", "bye bye", "friend kiss", "one-two-tali-zom", and lately I teach him "gong-xi gong-xi" which will be pretty useful in 1 month+ time.

Does Clement looks like older than his age in this picture? haha... It's just illusion coz I strap him with adult seat belt on normal seat.

We are trying to instill in him the habit of brushing teeth in the morning and night before bed. These was his 1-year old official present from daddy and mummy. Cheap but practical leh? :p

My sister flew in all the way from Singapore for his first birthday and bought him this lego set for bath time. He really likes this and insist of playing it everytime he have his bath. Good buy!

How bout YS? He has been a fabulous dad. In this 6 months, I've been to Spore twice, 1 week each, and KL or Seremban (3 days 2 nights) trips almost every month or every other month. Daddy has been coping well and really proud of him. Good job!! Previously pacifier was daddy's "saviour" to put Clement to sleep but recent months he could just pat and sing Clement to dreamland. Really thank God for loving and caring husband.