Sunday, August 9, 2009

Highlands here we come

Since we did not make it to Melbourne, why waste the leaves? haha....

Last friday we came out with some adhoc plans to fill up the 5 days leaves which we've applied for the Melbourne trip. Guess where... yeah, somewhere with lower temperature - Genting and Cameron.

Well, not much expectation since I don't think I'm allowed to get on the rides in theme park, nor hiking in Cameron. Will just treat it as a "family retreat". haha. Too bad malacca has been taken out of the plan since sis is currently in charged of the A H1N1 patients in GH malacca and mum has refrained me from going home :( sob sob. But I know deep in my heart that it's all for the good of the baby and myself. Pregnant ladies are listed as in the high risk list, so, don't play play lo... It's saddening to hear that a pregnant lady and her pre-born baby died in the evening news just now :(

Take care all pregnant ladies. Let's be careful by doing all precautious, and remember to eat the supplements ya. God bless all pregnant ladies and babies in the womb...

Monday, August 3, 2009

A painful decision

Today Yong Sheng and I made a painful decision, but thank God it's a decision we made together - peacefully after considering many factors.

Yong Sheng has been down with fever, coughing and flu since Friday night. We've agreed that if he's still not well on Monday, we'll be canceling the flights to Melbourne.

It's Monday today and he's still sick, though slightly better, but not fully recovered :( The flight will be on Thursday early morning and you can't cancel the flight within 48hours from the departure time. Means, by hook or by crook, if we have to change the flight or do something about it TODAY.

Was still trying to bargain with Yong Sheng that probably we can still go since most likely he's not having H1N1 (as per what the GH Dr says since his fever already subsided). However, my dry throat is getting no improvement through the day, I hope it's not any H1N1 symptoms but simply because I've eaten too much tortilla through the weekend... opppss.

Last sign that we prayed if it's God's will to let us go Melbourne - currency exchange. Apparently AUS dollar went up this few weeks, and it's not what we've prayed for. OK. God win... We are staying back in Malaysia for the 'vacation'. Hope Yong Sheng can get well very very soon and I can go back Malacca and Camerons and IKEA and ....... haha... still the playful Chiang Mei and little baby in the tummy.

Looking at the bright side, probably we'll have cheaper vacations by Cuti-Cuti Malaysia :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

after 1month idle

Has been a month since I posted my last blog. Wow. Felt so bad about it. A friend actually skyped to tell me that my blog has grown fungus :p haha... Sorry bout that.

July 09 has been a busy yet fruitful month. It started with a week training for the FAEs and marketing folks. It was really time and effort demanding to compile all the information, as well as understanding them before you start teaching wrong things (coursemates used to call it "ajaran sesat" during those days). Anyway, at the end of it, was feeling satisfied and glad that there are more "apprentices" to help me out instead of fighting a lonely war :)

It wasn't a smooth sailing months as there were other troubleshooting and debugging items to do, both key projects at the same time. Bosses were joking asking if my baby can come out later than the actual EDD. Well, my answer was, you all should be happy if the baby is not coming out earlier than he is due to all the stress the mummy is in... Brilliant answer :)

Some collegues joked that the baby should be able to withstand much stress in future since his mummy is 'training' him now. Well, really pray hard that he'll be alright. And prayerfully Aug onwards will be more relaxing :) haha... But I guess the baby is getting himself used to mummy's schedule. He kicks most in the morning (probably to wake mummy up), and at night when it's his Bible story time. Daddy is very happy every night especially when baby response to his voice.

We went for our 24wks checkup last Sunday. The doctor scanned baby and gave us a 4D photo of his. Guess what was the baby doing? He was praying, with 2 hands holding together right below his mouth, using mummy's placenta as his pillow. May you be a prayer warrior after God's own heart. And thank God Dr confirms that I no longer need to worry about low lying placenta. We've been praying for months since the Dr indicated previously during few checkups that the placenta may be low. Thank God :)