Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clement says Hi

Finally the long awaited bundle of joy has arrived on 14Nov09 hours 0042. :) Will find some time to blog about the labour experience later in separate post.

You may view baby Clement's 2nd day photo at Click on the "Baby Photo Online" button. Access Code is "327432WEM". Personally I like this photo a lot as it was really precious to see him smile with the two dimples, and eyes open wide on the first few sleepy days. Poor Clement were having some eye irritation which is common to newborn on the photo shoot day. Thank God it went off on the 3rd day.

Here is a photo daddy did...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everybody is waiting for you....

Ok. Maybe not EVERYBODY, but many many people are waiting for you ooo....

Just realized we have not really announce baby's name. Haha... It should be finalized by now and the baby has responded to that name when we called him.

He shall be called..... "deng deng deng deng deng...."

Clement Chew Xue-Yi (周学毅).

Clement, in Latin means gentle/merciful. 学 means learn. We hope this baby boy will be a humble and teachable one. 毅 means determination.

Daddy says that baby Clement is too determined not to come out by his estimated due date (11 Nov 2009). In fact on 10th night, as usual we talk to Clement and he responded with kicks and boxes. Then daddy said, "Clement boy, tonight or tomorrow you come out ok?" Suddenly it was great silence. No kick, no boxes, nothing... Wow... Refused to agree. Very determined.

On 11Nov night, when obviously baby has missed his "due date", mummy told baby, "Baby Clement, be 'merciful' to mummy ya. Please come out before 15Nov ya... Else Dr gonna ask daddy mummy induce lo..."

Baby Clement, don't let us wait too long ya...

Still waiting...

"40weeks and 1 day pregnant." That's it? No more xx days to go?

hahah.... I was laughing to myself when I see the ticker on the top my my blog today. Only God knows when the baby will have his grand entrance to the world. Sometimes I just felt that the waiting is interesting. Watching out for SIGNS... Like waiting for the second coming of our Saviour by watching out for SIGNS too. Make sure you attend PCC for the following few weeks for Revelation related sermons by Ps Isaac (free ads).

Yesterday was my 3rd day not in office. So bored. Told Yong Sheng to fetch me from home during lunch. So he dropped me at QBM. Walked and sit and eat/drink for the few hours. Much better than the first 2 days sitting and lying and watching TV. Haha. Best of all, I finally got myself a toy.

Yes, Puzzle Ball. An expensive toy I've been hesitated to buy since I first saw it in KL. Since this is called a "junior" puzzle ball, it came with 3 guidelines to help you.

1. Reference. This is interesting. You can turn the 2 wheels to figure out how the top and bottom of the ball looks like

2. Numbers at the back of the pieces to help you not fix the wrong pieces together

3. Piece #1 is packaged separately so that you don't sweat to start :p

It did not really take much time to complete it. Last night I kick started the "project" and achieved this:

Daddy was busy with his new toy while mummy building the 11cm diameter puzzle ball. Guess baby was happily playing with the umbilical cord and shaking his belly in the womb. (That was what baby was doing in his wk39 check up last Sunday. Dr stopped the scanning for few seconds as he can't stop laughing after seeing the baby performing belly dancing while Dr tried to measure baby's belly diameter.)

This morning within an hour, the ball is completed. Should buy a bigger ball if I found one in future to kill time, esp for "waiting" period like this (dream on... when baby is out, you will be glad you had at least those few minutes to complete the 11cm diameter puzzle ball... )

Ok baby, your birthday present is ready, waiting for you to come out. Ta-dah...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last lap to go

This morning when I saw the ticker on the top of my blog says "39weeks & 6days pregnant. Only 1 day to go." Gulp. Time really flies. Wonder what it will say tomorrow, and the days after tomorrow. haha....

Last Friday was my happiest day throughout my pregnancy. Last day at work. Finally I'm ending the stressful days and am making the last lap of pregnancy a much more relaxing one. Phew, ain't I proud to have managed to go through all the ups and downs even with the little baby in my womb? It wasn't easy and am glad God has granted me much favour and has allowed me carrying the baby to full term (and might overdue somemore :p) Used to envy expecting mothers who had relaxing pregnancy, not much workload, happy happy goyang kaki and can go for tea breaks regularly everyday. How I used to wish I have those special privileges too :) But now I am glad the sense of achievements is much more rewarding.

This is the only photo I've taken in the office on my "last" day. I told Yong Sheng I planned to walk around taking photos with colleagues with my big stomach. Haha... but sounded to "kua zhang" (exaggerated) as if I'll never be back to work next year. So I only managed to have one photo with a China colleague, who was having the last day of his trip to Penang on that day. I told him that my target is to have the same belly as his after my delivery. And he laughed :p