Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids eat for free

A friend of mine told me that we can actually benefit from Kids Eat For Free program. One paying adult and one free kids meal.

"Huh, why? Can my baby eat?"

"Err, you are your baby's 'main course' right? You eat on his behalf. He'll claim from you later.... "

I haven't really benefit from this program so far. Haha... does it sound embarassing? Have you tried it my dear Malaysians with babies?

My latest "teddy bear" and "koala bear"

I've always like to hug soft toys, esp the big ones. But since they are so pricey, prone to collect dust and space consuming, I settled with bolsters. haha.... (maybe just some sour grapes excuse for not having one)

Lately our little Clement reminds me of koala bears. Though I never hold one before, but I like the feeling of him clinging onto you, holding on your shoulders and sometimes wanna climb up your body when you are carrying him. The warmth when he hugs you, is so nice and close to your heart.

Last few nights when he cried in the midnight, I found a way to hug him close to my heart while patting him to sleep. very bahagia feeling :) so much better than hugging a bolster :p Not sure how long he'll stay in this huggable size and feel. Ah, I gonna miss it when he grows up. Better treasure each moment I have now.

Last weekend after our lunch at a super expensive Japanese restaurant (we got conned by the banner since we did not notice that you are entitled to the 15% discount ONLY IF you spend RM300 and above), I suggested to have Clement posing next to some soft toys on display at the restaurant. Well, since this restaurant is so nicely decorated and I don't think I'll step in there again... ahha. I was carrying Clement and YS supposed to take our photos. But somehow he was not attracted to daddy and refused to look at the handphone camera. So after that I decided to switch with him since I'm the one always taking Clement's photos using handphone camera. Ta-dah........ Easy job. 3 clicks and done.

YS felt funny why I insisted to take those photos since the teddy, doggie and doraemon are not really special. Well, at first I wanted to take the photo of Doraemon with Clement only since this stage he still has the Doraemon look (teethless and cutie tongue when laughing). But I also noticed that at this stage Clement is so small size compared to the big teddy, and he's almost same size as the small doggie. He won't be this size in few weeks or months time. ahha. In case this restaurant still exists when he grows up, probably he'll appreciate his growth rate especially through these first few weeks and months :p

"You know, last time i can sit on THIS teddy's lap..."

"You know, last time I was as big as THIS teddy and doraemon.... you see...."

I can imagine his cheeky face... :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster in Sesame Street has never been my favourites. I used to like Ernie but now I find Elmo more adorable :) haha... Maybe because I like red...

Clement started mouthing since he was 3+months. He started by discovering the back of his hand, then the fists, then the fingers and recently the thumbs. I like his expression of putting his whole fist into his mouth, so cute... but I usually tell him, "Clement, your mouth not so big la... cannot fit in one..." And that really reminds me of cookie monster.

Cookie Monster is a voracious monster and one of the main characters on Sesame Street. Covered with blue fur and possessing a pair of googly eyes, Cookie Monster has an insatiable appetite. As his name implies, his primary craving is cookies, but he can (and often does) consume anything and everything, from apples and pie to letters, flatware, and hubcaps. Usually when he eats something, he makes loud munching noises, usually like "AWWWWM-num-num-num-num..." (

Am wondering if one day I find cookie monster pajamas, will I buy for him? wahahah....

Happy 5 months old, Clement

Today Clement is officially 5 months old. Clement was so blur when daddy and mummy kept telling Clement that he is now 5 months old, so fast hor he has been with us for almost half a year, last time when born he was so tiny and now he so big boy de, bla bla bla.... haha. Next month must be more excited since he can start eating soled by then :) Mummy weight him this morning and he's slightly above 8kg. Good growth though we are still maintaining his milk to 5oz every 3-4 hourly.

Daddy and mummy felt very blessed that God has granted them baby Clement. We prayed for a healthy, happy baby who bring joy to people around him, and to be man after God's own heart someday. We thank God for answering our prayers and Clement has started smiling and baby talking everyday since he was 1 month old, and brought much happiness to our family members, even strangers.

Baby Clement is able to sit more firmly now, and likes to move his legs. Haha, guess he really wants to crawl. Everytime we put him on the bed, he'll turn to tummy position and start lifting up his little butt and moving his legs forward. Daddy and mummy cheer him every morning and he's showing little progress now - at least not giving up so soon :p You can see him smiling with mouth open wide (like doraemon) when we hold him to walk on our bed, or even harder surfaces like table. He likes to feel mobile :) hehe... daddy and mummy better treasure this period when Clement is still not so mobile. Later on when Clement can crawl and climb, we'll be on FOC intensive slimming program. In fact, now that he can only turn one side (180degrees), we should be glad that one pillow at each side of the bed is sufficient. Later on might have to fill the whole room with pillows :p

So far besides 2 caps and 2 sweaters for the recent Cameron Highland trip, daddy and mummy only bought 2 more pajamas for Clement. One is with Doraemon since sis-in-law says he looks like Doraemon when he laughs with mouth open wide, teethless and can see his little tongue :p

Another one was bought in conjunction with this lunar tiger year (no la.... ). Mummy always like to describe baby boys suck milk like "harimau" since almost all her friends with baby boys (and some with girls) report the same observation. They say baby girls are more gentle, and boys are more aggressive while latched on. Daddy and mummy spotted this pajamas at Jusco over the weekend and bought one for Clement. We bought 12-18months one this time since we bought 6-12months Doraemon pajamas for him last 3 weeks, and it is just fitting for him now.

快意享受B级人生,走出 A+成就迷思

Something that I've been thinking also lately. What you really want in life? An example, I told YS that the child is growing so quickly that you actually only have few years to spend quality time with him, growing up with him. Especially now that he spends most of his time sleeping when we are back from work. Time when he's wide awake and ready to play and learn, we are busy making money at workplace.... After school days, college days and working days, you won't be able to have him by your side all the time as now. Thus there first 6 years are actually so precious...

快意享受B级人生,走出 A+成就迷思

你想要过A级人生,事业有成薪水顶尖,却牺牲掉其它全部人生,还是想过 B 级人生,宁可降格赚次级收入,却能享受精采人生?

若是成绩单上出现B ,大部分人联想到的,绝对不是「 Better 」,而是「Bad」。

B 这个字母,长期以来被认为是「次等」的表现,每个人都奋力想达到A,甚至A+ ,彷佛若不能达到 A的成绩,就是不够努力与称职。


最近「 B级人生」的话题,在日本引起不少讨论。
起因于经济专家森永卓郎,把人生分成三级: A 级人生是「有钱没闲」; B级人生的「钱少一点,但是有闲」,可算是「有钱有闲」。
至于 C级人生则是经济困窘,可能是「有闲没钱」(如失业者 ),也可能「没钱没闲」 ( 如底层劳动者)。

若每天工作10 几小时,牺牲家庭与休闲,不惜一切代价追求 A级人生,即使赚到A级财富,没时间享受也是枉费。

因此,森永卓郎特别强调「B is Beautiful」,认为「B is Better Than A 」。


作家刘黎儿指出,日本经过长年经济不景气,原本「 1亿国民都是中产阶级」的社会,已经不再回头,
转成「 1%超级精英+99 %平庸上班族」的结构,除了极少数A+超级精英之外, 99%工作者的薪水都在递减,再怎么努力也是枉然。


比起将人生全部送给公司的 A +超级精英,谁的人生比较划算,答案不言可喻。


有人用古玛雅文化的活人献祭,来形容追求 A级人生的工作者。
超级精英不惜一切赢得 A 级人生,就好象在玛雅球赛最后赢得胜利的人,所换到的不过是过劳死。

根据统计,日本每年死于心脏病的 21万人,至少有 20%是肇因于过劳,其中多半是中壮年上班族。
追求 A级人生本身没错,只是若只把人生当成是一场竞技,就算赢得了胜利,却输掉了身体、输掉家庭、也输掉人生,这样划算吗?




她以研究所成绩为例,一般研究生表现普普大约有85分,稍微认真一点有86 分,一定要表现很亮眼才能拿到 90分。
她自己每天不眠不休,念完所有原文papers才得到 89 分,但其实只要稍微多花点心力念书,已经可以得到86分。
「一学期 120天,每天多念3小时书, 360小时只换来 3分,想想真是划不来;若是拿360小时做其它有意义的事,人生想必更精采。」

刘小姐认为,不论是课业或工作,都适用80 ╱ 20 法则,亦即80%的成绩,来自于 20%的付出。
假设你有 100小时,只要花20小时做 A工作,就能拿到 80分,剩下的80 小时,你有两种选择:

1精益求精在 A工作下苦工,最后拿到满分 100分;

2去做BCDE四件工作,每件工作投注 20小时,各拿到 80分,最后总分是5×80 =400 分。

哪一种时间运用方式,投资报酬率较高,可带给你更大的满足感?这就是 B级人生所要思考的问题。

从连续2年蝉联年终奖金第一名的理财专员工作引退,宁可在银行柜台当一般行员的安小姐,就是选择 B 级人生的例子。


大学毕业后,安小姐就在老字号的三商银担任临柜行员,办理一般存款工作,5 年前银行民营化,她在组织重整后,被调到贵宾理财部门。

课程的多采多姿,让她学到许多人际应对技巧,而且第一年就考上多张证照,还幸运地拉到几位「 VIP 大户」(资产超过 300万元) ,

当时每天加班到晚上 10点是常态,甚至周末假日也不得闲。





担任芯片设计研发工程师期间,李勇毅形容说,自己每天至少12 小时和计算机相亲相爱,忙碌一天后,再也提不起力气做任何事,


刚开始李勇毅也是抱着这种看法,但3年前他找到人生挚爱的伴侣,婚后生活有了重心,他开始无法忍受一天工作 12 小时的生活。

「4 月结婚、 5月就决定考公职、7月如愿考上高考第一志愿电力工程,分发到民航局上班。」

赚钱也赚到人生,其实就是 B级人生的真义,拥有一定水准的金钱,做自己想做的事情,才是人生的赢家。

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