Thursday, September 29, 2011

My dear toddler (22months)

It's been a wonderful journey witnessing the growth of my lil toddler. He has turned from a child who loves seeing you dance, listening you sing, following your story tellings, to an active bubbly boy who will dance, sing and even tell you stories to cheer you up :) How amazing! I still remember he loves the song "拔萝卜" where you have to keep thinking of which additional person to called to come help you pull the giant raddish. This was his favourite for many months till later on he liked "old Mac Donald" until now. This is a normal song that we sang till bored and decided to add new 'features' in the song, changing new lyrics, but still, everytime you repeat the song, it's different animals/sounds or theme. Challenging har. But lately he will tell you ahead what animal he wants. Even funnier, he'll tell you horses don't go "neigh neigh", but "tik tok tik tok"... haha. And he insist you to sing his version. Occasionally we will ask him to sing, he might or might not. But if he does, it's really very cute and entertaining.

Story time has also been a good bonding time for us, especially before bedtime and while we travel in the car. "Noah's Ark" is still his favourite, besides "Daniel in the Lions Den", "David and Goliath" and also "God called little Samuel". When we asked him to tell us Noah's story, his version will sounds like this: Noah - good man - God - build big big boat - rain... (and then we will remind him that he forgot the animals, and he will recap as follows) two elephants - 2 giraffes - 2 birds - 2 bear bear - 2 moo moo cows - 2 eagles (until he run out of animals) - rain - dove - olive leave - rainbow. If you interrupt and ask how long it rained? He will tell you "forty days". And you ask forty days and...? He will continue "forty nights". Cute!

As he likes stickers a lot and we found this at the Baptist Bookstore. It was his BIGGEST sticker project (8 A4 size).



However, this sticker project is different from his previous sticker project, which we bought with RM10 from Daiso:

This one is re-attachable stickers which you can stick on flat surfaces like wood or wall. When it is less sticky, you can wash it and it is sticky again. Clement is so used to this re-attachable version that he thought that his Noah's project works the same way. He started peeling off some of the stickers. We tried explaining the differences but he couldn't understand. No choice, am currently keeping it at a safe place. Will have to gather at least 6 pcs of similar sizes poster to laminate them since the min cost the shop will charge me is RM16. Guess it is related to their machine set up cost. Therefore, we'll wait to see if any parents having the similar Mega Sticker project as this and would like to combine with us to meet the MOQ 6pcs, or we'll buy more Mega Poster Sized Sticker Projects for Clement (I think he will smile ear to ear if he hears this). haha.....

Recently I had my first online shopping at Fabulous Mom. Got this RM10 Little Bat bag for the little boy, and also a pink Little Angel one for his mei mei. His first reaction was - he can now fly like angel! Haha....

Check out his favourite expressions lately when you take out the camera phone to take his photo:

This was after he feed himself daddy's ice cream 'cake' (actually we bought daddy a tub of Nestle Ice Cream, lit some candles on it as replacement of a real cake). happy birthday daddy!

Drawing has no boundary, even on your face. Haha....

That's my little boy, 2 years old to be in less than 2 months time...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting more expressive

Clement is growing up so fast day after day. Am so happy that God blessed me with a job that require no travelling at all, and can have more time with Clement after work and during weekends.

Occasionally when we were rushing off to work in the morning, Clement would want to help carry my tumbler and handbag. Good that he has not attempt to carry daddy's heavy laptop bag. There were two occasions where he actually shouted at us when we were approaching the car. He ran into the house and showed up holding a food carrier at the gate later on, trying to remind us to take it to work as we've forgotten to. What a nice gesture and attentive boy. He really take notes of details, which surprised both YS and me. The caring character really touches our heart.

On Sunday, I went to have a haircut, after almost half a year of messy hair. To cut short the time, I prewashed my hair before I went there. Since there was not many customers in the shop, the hairdresser told me that it's going to be my turn in few minutes and my family member can just wait for a while. As Clement is in the stage of 'stranger anxiety' recently, he cried refusing to leave the car nor to enter the shop. Thus daddy and him stayed in the car while I went in for a 'quick' cut.

When done, I only realised that it was raining outside. Since it was not raining when I left the car, I did not bring an umbrella with me. After I entered the car with the hairdresser and her umbrella, Clement welcomed me with a big smile and hug.

On the way back, he said, "Mama forgot...."

He repeated that several times as I couldn't catch it the first two times. When finally it rings the bell, I asked him, "Mama forgot what?"

"Mama forgot um-bre-la... raining... Noah's ark..."

I asked if it has been raining for some time. YS said yes. And I asked if he mentioned umbrella to Clement in the car before I came in. YS said no, which he was also surprised at Clement's ability to express himself in words he knows.

At night when Clement was tossing in the bed trying to sleep, he hugged his Mickey Mouse. Recently he is very buddy with Mickey. (He even play wrestling with Mickey. He would free fall on Mickey and then tell us sympatically that Mickey stomach pain-pain, while rubbing on Mickey's tummy and say sorry to Mickey.....) Then we heard him saying, "Thank you, Mickey Mou... Mickey Mou, 谢谢你..." before he went to sleep. May God continue to nurture the loving and caring character in you, as gentle and merciful as what Clement means...

Thanks God for teaching us to love, through this little boy. May mei mei be as loving and kind as her ko ko too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Visit to Logos Hope Ship

Yong Sheng, Clement and I visited the Logos Hope ship on 3 Sept, at Port Swettenham, Penang. On Friday night, we told Clement that we will be visiting the ship the next day. He happily sang "baa baa black sheep.... wooooo...." in response. Oh, how to explain that both "ship" and "sheep" are different thing though they sound similar?

So I started using "big big boat" instead of "ship", but on and off will keep repeating that "big big boat = ship". We had great time fellowshiping with some friends and their kids during the ship tour, followed by the book fair. I was happy to grab some kids bibles with CDs which are so cheap and nice! The songs are so lovely too. There were many other kids books and we bought some for Clement, not forgetting his latest favourites - the sticker books and some "Bob The Builder" fridge magnets :)

After a long day, Clement had a 4hours afternoon nap on that day. When grandpa asked how him how was his day when he finally woke up for dinner, he stretched out his hands wide saying, "Big big ship"! Haha.... Kids learns fast. Why was I so paranoid? :p He can now differentiate the "ship" and "sheep". Good boy!