Monday, September 13, 2010

10 months old

Clement is now 10 months old. Phew. He looks like a big boy now, though he is not yet one year old. But everytime he stands beside Shanna, Caris or Gabriel, he looks so tiny. Yeah, he's still a young baby :) So daddy and mummy needs to be MORE patience. Have to always reminds ourselves that we should not scold or beat to "discipline" a child below 1 year old as he does not understand yet. Haha.

Clement still have 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 lower. Lately he likes to bite everything he finds interesting, esp the buttons on your shirt. Must be very cautious. Did I mention that we find his teeth marks on the headboard of our bed? Once I found a 'crack' on the plastic teething railing on his baby cot. Hope it's a cosmetic defect from the factory and not resulted from the 4 teeth :p

Clement had his first visit to Youth park on Merdeka Day. We let him tried the slides, monkey bars, see-saw, and the swing. He was pretty tired by that time, so not so smiley face.

Lately we found him quite adorable when being seated on the supermarket trolley. He really hold tight to the bars to make sure he won't fall out of it. So cute!!

Nowadays Clement can crawl pretty fast. Too bad lately no baby crawling contest, else Clement can enter as "experienced" participant and maybe help daddy and mummy 'break-even' for the competition 'fees' paid earlier. Besides crawling very fast, walking by holding on to items he can reach, standing hands-free for few seconds before sitting on his buttock, late he learnt to climb. Yes, hold on the the passenger car seat at the back, and use his little legs climb up the seat like spiderman or lizard. Daddy caught him doing the samething twice today, but in the playpen. The little boy is strategizing how to escape from that little jail. Sweat.

Mum and dad bought Clement a Baby Mickey mouse on Hari Raya. Mummy measured and found that Baby Mickey's palm and foot size is same as Clement. Height wise Clement is slightly taller, and thank God Clement has smaller head :p

From some minor test, Clement proves that he can recognise Mickey, penguin, bear bear and other "friend-friend" he has. He confused "daddy" and "teddy" sometimes when you ask him where is "daddy" and he was busy looking for "teddy" in the baby cot.

Yesterday was daddy's 3x's birthday. Clement gave daddy and morning kiss early in the morning, which melt daddy's heart a lot a lot since Clement usually only kiss mummy :p at night before Clement sleep, he gave daddy another surprise (which surprised mummy too). Guess what? 2 pieces of 'home-made chocolate cake' from Clement!! It's a very meaningful gift since it was Clement's 2nd no-poo-day. So now reset back to 0 no-poo-day and everyone is so relieved.

All the best, my dear sis

It's 10.30pm on 13Sept. I was supposed to be in KLIA, bidding my little sis farewell but due to some reasons, I'm trapped in Penang. Sent her a blessing sms, and managed to call her before she checked-in. She told me she cried the most among her friends. Well, it's a growing process you need to go through. To leave your family, study somewhere locally (like me and Hoon), or abroad (like Yen, Wen and herself). But she is going to the furthest geographical location than any of us. After hanging up the phone, i also cry. Will miss you a lot, my dear sis.

Among all my siblings, I spent the least time with this youngest sis, due to the age gap. And also because when she;s still in primary school, I'm already in uni in Johor and after that 'partially settled' in Penang since it's so far from home and I only go back once a month while I was still single. Don't mention after married or having a child. I never have 'complete' CNY reunion dinner after married to Penang since the day I can go home is the day other siblings need to go back to their 'states' or 'country'. The earliest 'complete' CNY reunion dinner we'll have will be 3 years later when little sis comes back for her final year.

Dear sis, may the Lord continue to show you His plan for your life, as you continue to seek Him, find Him and follow Him through the years to come. As He has blessed each and everyone of us in His unique way, He will bless you too. Continue to serve Him with the talent He granted you, and also the love and patience you have for others, esp the elderly and the children. May His will be fulfilled in your life, as He grant the desire of your heart. Love you sis. All of us are proud of you. Enjoy this stage of life, as you grow to be more independent, and learn to know who and what to trust.

God bless you and keep in touch.