Sunday, March 28, 2010


26 Mar 2010

It was a special day.

Mum sent an sms, "In which book of the bible is the name Clement mentioned?"

I told them many time already since the day we named him Clement, so forgetful... "None." I replied the sms.

"Wrong. It's in Phil 4:3. HA HA!" Mum replied the sms. Sounds like I failed a quiz???

Doubtfully, I turned to my e-bible. And Yong Sheng too.

Philippians 4:3
Yes, and I ask you, loyal yokefellow, help these women who have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel, along with Clement* and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life.

Surprised and embarrassed :p opps... Clement, congrats your name is in the Bible, and even Book of Life! :) Daddy and Mummy should read Bible more de...

*In chinese, Clement is translated as 革 利 免。

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fake Crying

It was not easy to introduce car seat to Clement. But we were glad that he is able to adapt to it after the CNY trip back to Malacca. At times, mummy is still a better car seat, got people to cuddle mar... haha... This was what happened when he got real bored one day at 3month 1week old.


Today (7Mar2010), three FIRSTS happened.

First First, Mum attended Sunday service from beginning to the end with Clement. Daddy was on ad-hoc video duty. Thank God it was still manageable :) Mum brought Clement to the front row for few minutes to look at the flaggers and tambourinese. Mum was wondering if Clement like the movements of colours. Out of mum's expectation, Clement turned his head every few seconds to check on his daddy, who is on video duty right at the back of the hall. Haha.... We did not stay in front there there for long due to the loud music and also the short exposure was good enough :)

Second First, Mum and Clement spent about an hour and a half in Gurney Plaza while daddy went back to church for his ministry. At first mum planned to read some books to Clement in MPH since Clement was on baby carrier, facing front. Apparently Clement is more of an activity person and like to walk around, look around. Poor mum had to keep walking since Clement did not like mum to sit down for long... Mum managed to find his favourite Alphabet Bug in Mum's Care and she held the toy in her hand, kept playing the ABC song while she walk around checking out the products there. Most products are nice, but the price is 'nice' too. After that mum brought Clement to Toy-R-Us to look at the high tech toys nowadays. Kids nowadays really have a lot of interesting toys to play. A dad and a child was playing fencing in the store... Dangerous as they were not paying attention to surrounding. Great that mum was able to find a seat near the Toy-R-Us entrance later on and Clement had his nap in mum's arm. So nice to see him sleep. Mummy's legs and shoulders managed to get some rest too (hehe, it was a no-stroller session since Gurney is not stroller friendly. Besides, it was Clement's first time to sit in the baby carrier, need to standby my only 2 hands to carry him in case he get bored of the carrier). I was carrying everything on my shoulder - Good muscle training. Hope mummy wont become sumo or Hercules :p

Third First, Clement laughed out loud for many many times before he went to bed. Mum was so excited and she also ketawa terbahak-bahak with him. Too bad when mum wanted to record it, Clement stop laughing that way :p Daddy saw this laughter once few days ago during their bonding time. That time mummy was standing behind Clement and did not see his face with that big laughter. Today mummy saw it, and heard it, and it was really really amazing!! Wahahahaha....