Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swim Champion

Dad was the first person to teach 5 of us how to swim while we were still young. There's a story he told us which I'd never forget, probably because you are named a champion in that story. And also the story motivated us to swim, since we once knew how to. Dad said, "Last time all of you could swim, and you all took part in a competition with many many other people that wanted to be daddy and mummy's child. But you all scored #1, that's why you are can call me daddy and your mum mummy..."

Wow, sounds so great. "But how come I don't remember such glorious event at all?" One of us asked. "Cos you people were too young. Anyway, the most important message in the story is, you all once knew how to swim, managed to swim, and won the competition. So you guys can do it NOW also!"

Very motivating. Hahah... "So I guess Yen was first to arrived, Mei got 2nd place, Hoon got 3rd place, Wen got 4th and Huey was last..." One of us trying to figure out the sequence...

"No, the competition were held at different time. Each and everyone of you was first in each competition. All of you were first, not only Yen." Dad explained. It was like another fairy tale, or story which kids like to listen. Only after some time when I was much older and wiser, then I reckone that hey, that was the 1st sex education Dad gave. A very true and motivating one.

For those who can't swim yet, YOU CAN DO IT. We were all once champion.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Look

Finally, after keeping my long hair for Alex and Elynne's wedding, I've made the big step on 8 March, International Women's Day.....

It still looks ok on the first day, though Yong Sheng did not really like it, due to it's much shorter than his "approved" length. But, too late right? My positive way of looking at it is to think that I may look like "Lu Yu" :p Check this out...

But it was pretty hard to manage the next day, after I wash my hair...Argh. Finally, I'm back to the best known method ever - rebonding :) haha... the magic that saved a lot of women's life, some guys once told me that :p

Surprised almost all colleagues at work on 10March. Lena told me that she is thinking of letting go her dream to keep long hair as she's tempted to go back to short hair after she seen mine :p Sherry was gave very positive feedback as she likes my new look, very different from the long hair look. Though not everyone praises my new hair, one particular mood spoiler was an aunty friend that kept reminding me of the RM200++ spend on "short hair rebonding" since she kept comparing my saloon with her home-based hairdresser centre. To her is such a big waste, since she can get coloured and permed long hair with that price... haih, depressing. But it should not affect me much since more positive feedback was received. More encouragements :) happy happy.

My last look taken with long hair on 28Feb09.... Probably will have to wait for another 2 years for such long hair, with the growth rate of my hair... haha...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello new employee, please share 3 jokes...

Everytime I receive forwarded jokes from my friends, I can't help but to remember the first senior manager in my working life. He requires new employees to share 3 jokes after introducing yourself to the whole department in the monthly meeting. AND, if no one laugh, please replace it with another funny joke... Pressure pressure pressure. I never know that it's not easy for a joke to appear in my mind until that day. Was almost 6 years ago. phew. SO, in case in future there's another occasion where I'm forced to tell jokes, tah-tah....... I have backups... here...

Enjoy, and you can use them as your backups too!

:) :) :) :)

Why did Ah Beng go to a movie with his 18 friends?
Because below 18 not allowed Lah !
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng wants to buy a TV set. He goes to a shop.
Ah Beng : 'Do you have color TV ?'
Salesgirl : 'Yes !'
Ah Beng : 'Give me a green one, please '
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng is filling up an application form for a job.
He supplied the information for the columns on Name, Age, Address etc.
Then he comes to column on 'Salary Expected', but he is not sure of the question.
After much thought, he writes ' Yes '
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng goes to a store and sees a shiny object.
Ah Beng : 'What is that shiny object ?'
Salesgirl : 'That is a thermos flask.'
Ah Beng : 'What does it do ?'
Salesgirl : 'It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold'
Ah Beng : 'I'll buy it'
The next day, Ah Beng goes to work with his thermo flask
Boss : 'What is that shiny object ?'
Ah Beng : 'It's a thermos flask.'
Boss : 'What does it do ?'
Ah Beng : 'It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold'
Boss : 'What do you have in it !?'
Ah Beng : 'Two cups of coffee and one cup of ice cream'
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

After taking photocopies of documents, Ah Beng always compares
it with the original for spelling mistakes.
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng always smiles during lightning storms because he thinks
his picture is being taken.
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Why can't Ah Beng dial 911?
Because he can't find the number 11 (eleven) on the phone.
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng had just bought a new computer and was using it.
When he encountered some problems. He decide to use the 'Help' command after some tries.
Soon after, he became very irritated and called the computer retailer for support.
Ah Beng : 'I press the 'F1' key for help lah, but it's been over half an hour and still nobody come and help me Lah ?!'
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng with two red ears went to his doctor.
The doctor asked him what had happened to his ears and he answered, 'I was ironing a shirt and the phone ring, lah - but instead of picking up the phone, I accidentally picked up the iron and stuck it to my ear, lah' 'Oh dear !' the doctor exclaimed in disbelief. 'But.
What happened to the other ear ?'
Ah Beng answered : 'That stupid dumbo called back, lah !!!!'
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

Ah Beng talk to a long-distance telephone operator.
Operator: 'JUST A MINUTE...'
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

After completing a jigsaw puzzle he'd been working on for quite some time, Ah Beng proudly shows off the finished puzzle to a friend.
'It took me ONLY 5 MONTHS TO DO IT', Ah Beng brags.
'FIVE MONTHS ? THAT'S TOO LONG', the friend exclaims.
-------? ? ? ? ? ?-------

At a bar in New York, the man to Ah Beng's left tells the bartender, 'JOHNNIE WALKER, SINGLE' and his companion says, 'JACK DANIELS, SINGLE'.
The bartender approaches Ah Beng and asks, 'AND YOU, SIR ?'
Ah Beng replies : 'Tan Ah Beng, MARRIED lah'
-------? ? ? ? ? ? ?-------