Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 5th Year Loving Me....

Hari ini dalam sejarah....

2 July 2004 was the day we decided to enter courtship. Time flies. 5 years already... Glad that we managed to "struggle" through all the tough times, enjoyed all the good times with friends, various pets and hobbies through the years, entered lifetime commitment in 2008, and now preparing for parenthood beginning this Nov.

According to HP, Agilent and Avago culture, employees' effort are recognized every 5 years. That's where you hear about 5th year service award, 35 years service award and so on... Congratulation Yong Sheng, you just entitled to your first 5 years award today :p

Thanks you very much:
1. for chauffeuring me around to/fro office and breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper since courtship
2. for enduring my bad habits
3. for helping me with housework and cooking especially during my pregnancy period
4. for cheering me up your unique ways
5. for bearing with my ignorance and insensitivity
6. for teaching me things I overlooked and never knew
7. for reminding me of my weaknesses
8. for loving me as who I am
9. and many many more....

I love you, dear dear...