Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Visit to Logos Hope Ship

Yong Sheng, Clement and I visited the Logos Hope ship on 3 Sept, at Port Swettenham, Penang. On Friday night, we told Clement that we will be visiting the ship the next day. He happily sang "baa baa black sheep.... wooooo...." in response. Oh, how to explain that both "ship" and "sheep" are different thing though they sound similar?

So I started using "big big boat" instead of "ship", but on and off will keep repeating that "big big boat = ship". We had great time fellowshiping with some friends and their kids during the ship tour, followed by the book fair. I was happy to grab some kids bibles with CDs which are so cheap and nice! The songs are so lovely too. There were many other kids books and we bought some for Clement, not forgetting his latest favourites - the sticker books and some "Bob The Builder" fridge magnets :)

After a long day, Clement had a 4hours afternoon nap on that day. When grandpa asked how him how was his day when he finally woke up for dinner, he stretched out his hands wide saying, "Big big ship"! Haha.... Kids learns fast. Why was I so paranoid? :p He can now differentiate the "ship" and "sheep". Good boy!

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