Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting more expressive

Clement is growing up so fast day after day. Am so happy that God blessed me with a job that require no travelling at all, and can have more time with Clement after work and during weekends.

Occasionally when we were rushing off to work in the morning, Clement would want to help carry my tumbler and handbag. Good that he has not attempt to carry daddy's heavy laptop bag. There were two occasions where he actually shouted at us when we were approaching the car. He ran into the house and showed up holding a food carrier at the gate later on, trying to remind us to take it to work as we've forgotten to. What a nice gesture and attentive boy. He really take notes of details, which surprised both YS and me. The caring character really touches our heart.

On Sunday, I went to have a haircut, after almost half a year of messy hair. To cut short the time, I prewashed my hair before I went there. Since there was not many customers in the shop, the hairdresser told me that it's going to be my turn in few minutes and my family member can just wait for a while. As Clement is in the stage of 'stranger anxiety' recently, he cried refusing to leave the car nor to enter the shop. Thus daddy and him stayed in the car while I went in for a 'quick' cut.

When done, I only realised that it was raining outside. Since it was not raining when I left the car, I did not bring an umbrella with me. After I entered the car with the hairdresser and her umbrella, Clement welcomed me with a big smile and hug.

On the way back, he said, "Mama forgot...."

He repeated that several times as I couldn't catch it the first two times. When finally it rings the bell, I asked him, "Mama forgot what?"

"Mama forgot um-bre-la... raining... Noah's ark..."

I asked if it has been raining for some time. YS said yes. And I asked if he mentioned umbrella to Clement in the car before I came in. YS said no, which he was also surprised at Clement's ability to express himself in words he knows.

At night when Clement was tossing in the bed trying to sleep, he hugged his Mickey Mouse. Recently he is very buddy with Mickey. (He even play wrestling with Mickey. He would free fall on Mickey and then tell us sympatically that Mickey stomach pain-pain, while rubbing on Mickey's tummy and say sorry to Mickey.....) Then we heard him saying, "Thank you, Mickey Mou... Mickey Mou, 谢谢你..." before he went to sleep. May God continue to nurture the loving and caring character in you, as gentle and merciful as what Clement means...

Thanks God for teaching us to love, through this little boy. May mei mei be as loving and kind as her ko ko too.

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