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Friday, November 4, 2011

While daddy was away

Daddy was away for biz trip for a total of 13 days. Thank God he is coming back tonight :P

We've been telling Clement that daddy will be back today. Early morning when he awakes, and it was still dark, he sat up on the bed and turn around looking on our King size bed. No sign of daddy. Only the sleepy "pretend sleeping" mom.

"Mama, 爸爸。。。没有。。。回来。。。(daddy did not come back)." That was his first sentence of the day. Gosh. Did he feel cheated??

"爸爸... aeroplane...没有。。。回来。。。(he actually mean Papa is still on biz trip, not home yet, in case you think that he says daddy fly kite, that's why not home yet)" Guess that is the most logical reason for him why he did not see papa on the bed when everyone tells him that daddy will be back TODAY!!

Haha... Guess that time I should set 'precise' expectation for him -> Papa is coming back TOMORROW NIGHT instead of TOMORROW.

Feeling so relieved that daddy is finally coming home, though 'home alone' with Clement is still bearable for this heavily pregnant lady, with help from my in-laws. Only thing I regreted was that I dare not remind him of "Sunday School" on weekends. Because if I talk about it, he will start looking forward and I'm not sure if I'm able to handle him alone outside with the big belly and slight lower backache coming on and off.

Anyway, glad that he was happy with the weekend activities we been through together while daddy was away - walking to and fro the beach nearby, playing Play-Doh, drawing with fingers using washable paints and so on. Besides, am more pro in blowing bubbles through Clement's fist during bath time. I used to be so bad in this skill that everytime Clement gives me a disappointed face :(

Daddy, you need to work harder to bond back to Clement lo. He is very sticky to mommy now since you were away.... :)

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